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The progressive web comic about the pure insanity of Trump voters.

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No Dietary Fiber

I'm thinkin'.... that t-Rump didn't pardon the insurrectionists because they didn't finish the job. If they had literally dispatched the heads of Congress there would have been blanket pardons aplenty, immediately, and these pardons would have then been the signal to other loyalists that they were free to inflict whatever damage t-Rump wished until either the 20th of January. Or forever if enough Congressmen were eliminated.

Our country teetered on the precipice.

This country put the power of the pardon in the hands of a madman. And the GOP traitors in the Senate will not punish him for this by convicting him as that would harm their brand. (If they do I owe you all a coke, and a smile.)

They're saving the first conviction of a president for the next Democratic in the Oval Office.

The Republican Party is the enemy of Democracy. No ifs, no ands, no butts.


t-Rump is, last I heard, having trouble finding legal representation for his upcoming impeachment trial. But he could hire Josef Mengele, Nicolae Ceaucescu and Pee Wee Herman to be his lawyers in his impeachment trial and it wouldn't matter a bit. Senate Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, will not vote to convict.

The GOP still sees dark at the end of the American experiment and they're heading there full steam.


When a murderer goes to court no one is seeking revenge. Justice is what's being sought.

For the same reason, Democrats are not seeking revenge against Donald Trump, as Republicans are now claiming. Justice is necessary for his actions or there IS no justice.

Do you know what WAS revenge? The constant Republican hounding of Bill Clinton. How DARE Democrats force a swell guy like Richard Nixon to resign. Harrumph! Harrumph!


Mitch McConnell is giving Senate Democrats two choices:

1. "Nuke the filibuster and suffer the evils I and my Republicans will inflict on this country the next time we run the Senate."

2. "Or do nothing and I'll block everything you want to do. And I mean EVERYTHING. Nothing will get done, those idiots in Middle America will put us back in power in 2022 and Biden will be a one-term President. Nyah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaa!"

McConnell is a monster. Republicans hate this country.
Democrats must nuke the filibuster, pass laws to heal this country, and hope the morons who voted for Trump see the light. Yeah, it's a long-shot but it's all we've got.


The problem is not the filibuster. The problem is the election of Republican Senators who have no souls.


If t-Rump had stolen/won (take your pick) the last election Americans would never have known that his official covid-19 policy was "Let 'em all die. Not my problem. Let's golf."

After a million Americans had died we would have been all "Why isn't anything being done?"

Now we know.

Trump is a sadistic monster who must be tried for murder.


Former President Obama sometimes experienced difficulty pushing back forcefully against GOP truculence because he had to worry about public perception of being an "angry black man".

Sad but true.

President Biden doesn't have to worry about that. In fact, when Joe starts kicking GOP butt he's going to have a big heapin' helpin' of white entitlement on his side.

Go Joe.


end rant

News & Notes for January 25, 2021

Harriet Tubman. Coming soon to a $20 bill near you.

Biden overturns Trump transgender military ban.

SCOTUS sucks Trump's vile emolument.

Rudy Giuliani sued for $1.2 billion dollars by Dominion.

Millions of doses of vaccine has disappeared. Now HOW could that have happened? Hmmmmm.

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