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The progressive web comic about Trump, My Pillow, and martial law.

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The My Pillow Putsch.

I didn't plan on a cartoon today but I went to bed last night with the Michael Lindell story on my mind and woke up with this cartoon in my head. Enjoy.


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News & Notes for January 16, 2021

My Pillow founder, and a Trump supporter, arrives at White House with ideas of imposing Martial Law.

Trump finishes with worst first-term approval ratings EVER!

Judge Sotomayor condemns Trump's execution spree.

Biden official accuse Trump administration of sabotage.

Trump still trying to dodge rape charge in court.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
My Pillow founder Michael Lindell and Donald Trump having a pillow fight with against Uncle Sam.
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We have you now, bigly.

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