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The progressive web comic about how Trump actively spread covid-19 in America.

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Get Worse Soon. Love, Donald.

So Trump didn't order enough covid-19 vaccine and then lied about how much we have in reserve, which is none.
None. Zero. Nada. The cupboard doesn't even have bones in it.

I'm calculating that's at least 400,000 cases of murder Trump needs to be charged with.

Is there anything about t-Rump's personality that WOULDN'T suggest that his failure to order sufficient supplies of vaccine was anything other than spiteful revenge against a country that failed to vote for him?


I'm thinkin'.... those convicted of secession should automatically lose their right to governmental assistance, including Medicare, Social Security, plus the fire and police departments.

They can't have their MREs and eat them, too.


I'm thinkin'.... Joe Biden ought to lead his 82 million voters on a "peaceful march" to the offices of Fox News.

Yes, we now live in Trumpland, where "peaceful march" no longer has meaning.


I was concerned, as many are, that t-Rump would mass-pardon all the insurrectionists on his way out the door. Then I happily learned that he cannot do that:
US Constitution, Article 2, Section 2:

"The President ... shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment."

Yeah, so eat it, Zip-Tie Guy! Suck it, Confederate Fag Guy! Blow it out yer keister, Fire Extinguisher Guy. Tough luck, Dead-Squirrel-On-Head Guy!


One of the common conjectures I've heard lately is that if the mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6th to protest a stolen election by t-Rump had been Black there would have been a bloody massacre by armed police instead of the meek and almost polite reaction by Capitol Police to the majority-Caucasian secessionists.
Nope. Never would have happened that way.

A protest against t-Rump would have happened at the White House, which is why t-Rump erected three walls of protection to protect it and himself. It's almost like t-Rump knew the GOP was stealing the election for him and so they prepared for the mass outrage that was inevitably to follow. So the mob outside the White House would have consisted of a broad swath of races, not just African-Americans.

Thankfully, 82 million Americans shattered his dim-witted hopes of autocracy but would t-Rump have given the shoot-to-kill order to the phalanxes of National Guardsmen posted around the perimeter?

You bet.

You don't steal a Presidential election and then bow to the whim of a bunch of socialist-commie-crybaby Democrats.


I keep hearing that t-Rump will never go to jail for his various and sundry crimes after he leaves office, that his cases will tied up in court for years.

So I'm asking... who the HELL will defend this man? If there's an impeachment trial in the Senate t-Rump is basically down to Congressman Jim Jordan as his legal representative. Are there really established legal offices who will take on the numerous cases of a man who is CLEARLY guilty of crimes against this country and who will then summarily stiff them?

t-Rump will die in jail.


On the 6th day of Coupsmas my failed dictator gave to me:

Six cabinet members a-resignatin'
Five innocent victims
Four (hundred) calls to Putin
Three children griftin'
Two impeachments
And one horrifying term in the White House

Happy New President!


Technical Note: When the cartoon changed name and web addresses back in 2015 all of the Comments up to that point were lost due to linking issues. I am now slowly restoring all the Comments that were lost. I've just finished 2014 and will proceed to restore the balance of comments as soon as possible.


end rant

News & Notes for January 15, 2021

Nancy Pelosi says fellow Congress members may be prosecuted for Capitol attack.

Trump staffers are having trouble finding other jobs.

Congress wants to award medal to Capitol Police who lured rioters from the Senate chambers.

Justice Department says there is evidence that Capitol rioters wanted to capture and assassinate lawmakers.

There is no reserve of vaccine. Trump didn't order any.

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