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The progressive web comic about Trump's attack on the U.s. Capitol.

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You Can't Get Good Help These Days

I've had some problems with the Comment Box over the past several weeks. Today I couldn't Moderate it properly so I've updated the code and it seems to be working now. Fingers crossed.


On January 6th, security officer Eugene Goodman possibly saved this country's Senators by putting his own life in danger luring protestors away.

In 1972 Frank Wills alerted authorities to tampered locks at the Watergate Hotel.

Just two Black men, saving this country from two crooked white presidents.

And Black women saved this country by voting. Republicans HATE this and I can't stop chuckling.


Trump is an old man beset by many comorbidities (and an obvious comb-over) but I wish him the best of health and a long life.

Because after he leaves office that life is going to become a living hell of legal troubles, probably including incarceration, until the day he dies and, as I said, may that day not be soon in coming.


Right-wing media personalities are crying about their loss of Twitter followers since the insurrection. But Americans, for the most part, could give two shits about Twitter followers. But now that Trump has NO Twitter followers it's suddenly a grave issue to them that must be acknowledged REALLY LOUDLY.

The Hell with 'em, says I.

You realize that we wouldn't even be having this controversy about Tinyfingers McArsonpants' ban from Twitter if the company had just applied the same rules about violent hate-speech to him as they applied to everyone else.


Trump voters who rioted at the Capitol may soon be charged with felonies that will prevent them from ever voting again. (In some states.)

Such clever little racists.


Corporate America isn't denying Trump his bully pulpits out of any sense of virtue. They're shutting him off because they're afraid of the legal ramifications of associating with a man dead set on burning this country to the ground.

But we'll take it.


I don't think impeachment is the proper way to get rid of Trump.

I'm thinking more like an enema.

In 1979, when Yen Duong was just six-months-old, her family escaped Vietnam in a home-built boat along with 68 members of her extended family. The boat endured storms and attacks by pirates before reaching Indonesia.

Six months later her family was brought to the U.S. by religious sponsors. Her mother found work in a bakery and her father worked in construction. They earned enough money to send Yen to boarding school. In college she earned a doctorate in pharmacology. Later she became a virologist with the C.D.C. and eventually developed the global-standard test for H.I.V.

This message brought to you by "The Association of Sensible Humans Who Want Stupid Fucking Anti-Immigrant Racists To Shut the Fuck Up and Sit the Fuck Down."


Here is a simple, five-word solution to solving the political crisis in this country:


To put it simply, they're not interested in solving the problems of this world through legislation. They're interested in widening their reach and fattening their bank accounts.

So more AOCs and fewer Loefflers, please.


I'm saying it right now, Trump is not leaving the White House on January 20th. He's not going to go to jail so he's about to launch something so venomous upon this country we'll wish it was 2020 again.

Be ready.


end rant

News & Notes for January 12, 2021

Trump deliberately withheld aid to combat the Insurrection.

Trump can be indicted for his role in the Insurrection.

Trump could face murder charges for his role in the Insurrection.

Black officer who risked his life to save Congressmen hailed as a hero.

The Insurrectionists came for blood, for Pence, for Pelosi.

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