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The progressive web comic about Trump lamenting about all the damage he COULD have done.

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The Last Days of Scamalot.

Here's the god's-honest truth;

If, after having won the 2016 election, Donald Trump had done nothing, NOTHING but golf for four years he could have easily won re-election. The economy President Obama left behind was so robust the American people would have been content with the status quo.

But, no.

Trump had to act a fool with his fucking walls and the babies in cages and Russians in the White House and the Muslim bans and the racism-racism-racism and then, to top it off, making some sort of political decision to let people die of Covid-19. That doomed him.

Yes, if Trump had taken the danger of the virus as seriously as President Obama had taken for zika and actually seemed like he gave a damn that people were dying of the disease he'd have won reelection. And, worse, the Republicans would still have the Senate because Democrats would not have won the Georgia Senate seats on the coattails of an "anyone-but-Trump" constituency.

It's true. Even after being callously apathetic to the deaths of over 300,000 Americans only about 120,000 votes, and the fucking Electoral College, separated a President Biden from Trump II, Electric Boogaloo Bois.

Yes, the gross vote difference between the two was 7 million but it took a full week of hunting down the final votes in Buttnugget, Georgia to make sure. The Electoral College has got to go before we get another pretend businessman as the Republican candidate.

So 400,000 Americans, and counting, can be said to have given their lives to save this country from the complete shit-show of a second term for Trump. Though I have to end this piece of fantasy by stating that the U.S. would be a pretty decent place if Trump had just golfed for four years, or eight years.

But he continued his criminal, larcenous ways and now he's going to die in jail. Right where he belongs.


(And for you fans of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

The last four years have felt like traveling on the Heart of Gold, with its Infinite Improbability Drive taking us through every point of chaos in the universe. Currently we're at two-to-one against, and falling.

Normality will soon be reached as soon as we know what's normal anyway.


end rant

News & Notes for January 18, 2021

A third Texas newspaper demands that Ted Cruz resign.

Former President Obama honors MLK Day.

Trump scheduled to depart Washington at 8AM on Inauguration Day.

President-Elect Biden volunteers to fill food boxes on MLK Day.

Rioter planned to sell Nancy Pelosi's stolen laptop to Russians.

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