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The progressive web comic about Trump and the new supreme court judge.

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To Serve Trumpkind

We don't need a few measly new Supreme Court judges, we need at least fifty. Then have them assigned randomly to cases just like the Circuit Court does. This will end this 5-4 bullshit we've been dealing with since forever.


I like Joe Biden, always have, but if, by some horrible off-chance he becomes incapacitated and Kamala Harris, a woman of color, begins running the country the level of my schadenfreude at the resultant GOP fury will be freaking thermonuclear.

We're also taking the House and Senate, too, so multiply my acrimonious delight by three, at least.


t-Rump is going to lose the election and Fox News will STILL let him call in at Fox & Fiends and ramble on about Hillary for an hour at a time.

Of course, it'll be from a jail cell....


Trump keeps saying he has some secret health care plan he's going to sign any minute. Why is it secret? Who's he hiding it from? The Chinese? Are they going to swoop in, steal the idea and give Americans affordable health care?

Man, if only.


Pretend it's 2021.

Remember when Antonin Scalia died of "unknown causes" and Mitch McConnell held up his replacement until a "new president" was elected? When the GOP didn't even have a candidate yet? When everyone thought the idea of a t-Rump candidacy was a joke (Except the Russians).

Remember when Justice Anthony Kennedy abruptly "retired" after an animated hallway discussion with t-Rump? Whose son, Justin Kennedy, is still deeply mired in the Deutsche Bank scandal?

Remember when Brett Kavanaugh's massive credit card debt suddenly disappeared shortly before his nomination to the bench? Remember his sexual assault charges that were swept aside by the Republican Senate?

Remember when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died just in time to be replaced by t-Rump before he lost the election and fled the country to avoid imprisonment?
Remember when the worst president in U.S. history, a treasonous, impeached, con-man had the unbelievable luck to seat three Supreme Court justices in just four years?

What a lucky guy. Just so VERY lucky.

(And, just like similarly "lucky" Dubya, Trump hit his own trifecta.)


There's been some editorial swill floating around the inter-tubes lately that we, the Democratic Party, failed Ruth Bader Ginsburg. That had we not taken Trump so lightly in 2016 she could have retired from the Supreme Court, with honors, in 2017 after Hillary Clinton won the election. An election which Mrs. Clinton could have easily won with 80,000 more strategically-placed votes. Yes, the election was just that close.

But Hillary would have faced a Congress controlled by the reptilian Republican Party, which would have ceremoniously and rapturously put the Merrick Garland kibosh on any sensible nominee for the bench. So with a Russian plant in the White House RBG remained at her post for the next four years, determined to sustain the Republic, for however long it took. Retiring would have meant being replaced by one of Trump's pool-boys. Or someone worse, like Brett Kavanaugh.

Stress is a killer, especially with coupled with cancer and, without doubt, the role of a Supreme Court judge is a stressful job. (Unless you sit quietly, never ask questions, and let the Federalist Society write all your decisions for you…. Clarence!)

Her health had to have suffered under those circumstances, and the pancreatic cancer she suffered in 2009 returned. So the Democrats didn't hasten Ginsburg's death, the Republicans did. Mitch McConnell did. And now they want to replace her tout suite before Putin's Play-toy absconds to Russia with millions in campaign donations stuffed into the lining of his Depends on his way to a life-long golfing vacay and stimulant binge.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought for our Republic right to the very end, unlike Justice Kennedy who took an offer he couldn't refuse and is now serving his country by…. who the hell knows.

I can't help but wonder if, some weeks or months ago, RBG didn't see the political writing on the electoral walls and her body began to quietly whisper "Trump is toast". It could be, at that moment, that her fierce determination to fight and outlive one cancer before another was removed from the White House relaxed just enough to let the metastasized camel's nose slip under her tent. She had done all she could so when her death came it wasn't a defeat. It was a triumph. She had held on to the very last, like any good soldier, as she sensed victory in the air.

So weep for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but also honor her memory and her accomplishments by voting to protect the vision of America she saw possible.

Vote Blue... Ruthlessly.


end rant

News & Notes for September 22, 2020

Mitt Romney is a world-class asshole.

If the McConnell Rule is dead, court packing is permitted.

Man erects Joe Biden billboards after his yard signs were stolen.

Thirteen Nobel Prize-winning economists endorse Biden.

Trump hates you, even if you love him.

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