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The progressive web comic about Trump going to jail.

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I uploaded this cartoon to my server at 5PM today, Friday, September 18th, 2020.

Ninety minutes later I heard the news of Ms. Ginsburg's passing.

As you can tell from this comic I really REALLY wanted her to survive this monstrous administration and ride out the rest of her life somewhere that offered more peace, beauty and sanity than Washington, DC.

Thank you for your service to this country, Ms. G, and I hope you find that beach house, wherever you may be.


Hey! Good news! According to the Putin's Finger-Puppet we can get rid of covid-19 quickly by expeditiously infecting each other, and only about 7-10 million people have to die.

Wait.... what?


Trump keeps saying he has some secret health care plan he's going to sign any minute. Why is it secret? Who's he hiding it from? The Chinese? Are they going to swoop in, steal the idea and give Americans affordable health care?

Man, if only.


Republican's bridle when asked about their lack of concern for women's health. After all, they're handing out free hysterectomies left and right, even to women who don't want them.


Trumpers are always so disagreeable because to them up=down and black=white, so they always get on the wrong elevator and never know what to wear after Labor Day.


As you know, I'm keen on prognostication, so I predict t-rump's Wikipedia page will someday sport the line "First ex-president to be butt-raped in prison."

His daddy would be so proud.


I think it's rather significant that, for the first time in its 175-year history, Scientific American magazine has endorsed a presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

If there WERE such a magazine as "Treasonous Titty-Babies Weekly" I'm sure they'd endorse the walking bottle of ipecac that's infesting the Oval Office.


There are many local restaurants I want/need to support but they all sell their take-away in non-recyclable styrofoam containers, or plastic containers that go right in the blue bin. Since I'll be enjoying their grub in this fashion for the foreseeable future I've decided to ask if they'll pack my food in reusable bento boxes that I bring myself.

It's worth a shot.

And, yes, you can recycle pizza boxes even if they're a little greasy. Just makes sure they're free of cheese or stray ingredients.


(I wrote the following late one night and posted it to my Facebook account, but it applies quite well here, too. Love you guys madly. - Lefty)

You know what's frustrating about posting here? It's because every one of you radiantly handsome and thoughtful people understand that Dime-Store Hitler is a monster who would sell Ivanka for cat food if he was short a quarter for the parking meter. You already suspect what manner of screed I'm going to post here before I even write a single word, especially if it begins with the word "t-Rump".

Double frustrating is that there's nothing, absolutely NOTHING, I could say, no picture I could draw, no song I could sing, no bon I could mot, no unassailable truth I could reveal about t-Rump's pact with Satan to convince a single one of his voters, including two of my neuron-challenged kin, to come into the Light and enjoy the wonder and spectacle of responsible progressive leadership.

But I'll keep at it, just so we can all ululate together in unadulterated glee when Fat Hitler is frog-marched out of the White House and into a small cell on Riker's Island.



end rant

News & Notes for September 18, 2020

Federal judge says USPS delays were "Intentional Effort" to undermine fair elections.

Every newspaper should be calling on Trump to resign.

Trump attacked over plan for "patriotic education".

The U.S. Constitution is under attack by "Attorney General" William Barr.

Trump refers to constituents as "disgusting".

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