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The progressive web comic about how Trump blames everything on Joe Biden.

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Killing Time

The following is what statisticians are predicting about the election:

Most Biden voters will be voting by mail. Most t-Rrump voters will be voting in person.

As a result, t-Rump will appear to have won by a landslide on Election Day.

Three or more days later, once all the mail-in votes have been counted, Biden will win in a landslide with at least 400 electoral votes.

t-Rump will declare himself President on Day One and institute the Insurrection Act in order to raise the level of chaos. It will then be a huge legal battle to get all the of votes counted. Especially the mail-in votes as they're counted last.

(There's other, more devious fuckery that t-Rump's agents will throw at the fan after the election but only if it's close at the end. If the election is a Blue blowout on the first night it's not going to matter WHAT t-rump does after November 3.)

Be aware of this situation and don't let t-Rump bullshit you. Biden has the votes. t-Rump only has Putin's talking points and an endless capacity for cruelty.


On September 11, 2020 the U.S. had 1,249 deaths from Covid-19.

Canada had zero deaths that day.

The difference between the two numbers wears a red tie, is a sociopath, and the sooner he escapes to Russia the better.


Just a reminder.

Trump's plan if he wins the election:

He has no official plans except to have the military attack civilians who protest a stolen election.

Trump's plan if he loses the election:

Resign and have his veep pardon him for his crimes.
You know, just like normal.


Many of America's early slaves, both white and black, would often escape from bondage and live with the Native Americans. They enjoyed a culture that had no jails, no taxes, no lawyers, no 1% running everything. When asked to return to "civilized life" they would often refuse.

No Indians to run to now, though. Only Mars.


When God created Adam and Eve their genitals were obviously not as we know them now. They were not made for procreation so they must have been made to function like the eye, or the ear, or the human voice. Or perhaps they served a purpose we no longer possess or could even contemplate.

The vagina may have been like a musical intrument that filled the air with melodious tones and dancing lights which comforted the soul, while the penis may have served as a mental connection between the minds of all sentient creatures born of Paradise with which they conceived stories, poems, and songs as a unified whole.

But, sadly, they ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, so God punished them by twisting the penis into a gnarled mushroom resting on a withered sack of hairy walnuts, while the vagina became a mute repository of blood and mucus, occasionally sloughing out a clone.

Or at least that's what I tell  my brother's kids.


end rant

News & Notes for September 14, 2020

Louis DeJoy apparently paid off the GOP for the USPS job.

Trump is Putin's 'Useful idiot".

Trump is using the Kremlin playbook.

Biden is creating legal war room to fight inevitable Trump corruption on election day.

Trump claims he won farcical "Bay of Pigs Award".

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