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The progressive web comic about the GOP destroying the USPS in order to affect the presidential election.

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Securing the Vote

What if covid-19 killed only newborns and 200,000 had died over the period of just a few months as a result of t-Rump's limp response? Do you kinda think, as I do, that Americans would be currently tearing the White House down to its foundation?

It seems like too many Americans have become numb to the rising number of deaths, like it's a video game, but each of those numbers was a real person no less significant than you, yourself.

Never forget Trump is doing nothing to prevent more deaths from this killer virus and doesn't care.

I mean he REALLY doesn't care.

Vote Blue.


The House could easily impeach t-Rump again over the Woodward revelations, but the Republican Senate would continue to lay in the shade, chew their cud, and go "moo" or it's nearest Russian equivalent.


So far Republican Congressmen are frantically dodging the bombshells falling from t-Rump's interviews with Bob Woodward.


Are they just stupid, or criminally evil?

I vote evil.


The only thing that seems to be keeping the Oaf of Office politically afloat* right now is the sometimes violent social unrest that has resulted from a highly-public killing spree of random black people by the police.

Surely it's just a coincidence that it happened, you know, now.

(*Disregarding, of course, the 38% of Americans who'd vote for t-Rump again even if he wore a suit stitched from the skins of covid-19 victims to his rallies.)


Trump basically saying "Reporters could have saved thousands of lives if they'd reported my lies earlier" should be the message that defines him forever.


Ya know, there are so many episodes of the Simpsons and so much footage to work with I'm beginning to wonder when the producers will fire all the animators and start stitching new episodes together from the old stuff themselves. Just a thought.


end rant

News & Notes for September 12, 2020

Fauci admits publicly that Trump has been lying about covid-19.

Trump official interferred with CDC report on covid-19.

Trump lied about bringing car plants to Michigan.

Trump (While probably high from snorting adderall) accuses Biden of using drugs.

Trump cronies steal 4$ million from first responde fund.

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