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The progressive web comic about the police killing black people.

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Back to Kickin' Donald!

I sometimes wonder if I go "too far" with my ideas but, with t-Rump, that's almost literally impossible. (For the record, there was originally a more "indiscrete" version of this cartoon. This is sort of the PG-13 version.)


I'm looking forward to a President who isn't so insecure he has to wear lifts in his shoes, doesn't have an addiction to adderall, doesn't wear adult diapers, doesn't spend two hours applying make-up and having his hair done every morning, who isn't sexually attracted to one of his daughters and treats the other like garbage, who doesn't think Nazis are "fine people", who hasn't become mentally and physically disabled by a series of strokes, who doesn't give a flying fig about anything except his poll numbers, and who isn't so deeply in debt to the Russian mafia that his own political party chooses to simply stand and look on in undisguised venal admiration as 180,000 Americans die.

C'mon, November!


October 20, 2020

t-Rump: "Surprise, America! Your favorite president has a vaccine for the coronavirus! Vote for me!"

t-Rump voters: "But... you told us the virus was a hoax, that it would go away, that we didn't even have to take simple safety precautions. Why would we need a vaccine? Are you saying that Grammaw actually DID die of covid-19 instead of (checks coroner's report) 'Antifa-monia'? Are you saying you held crowded rallies and forced our kids back into schools when you knew that covid-19 was dangerous? ARE YOU SERIOUS?"

t-Rump: "Vaccine? What vaccine? I might have heard of a vaccine but I certainly had nothing to do with it. Now rush into crowded polling stations and vote for me."

t-Rump voters: "Righty-o!"


What have we learned in the past 24 hours?

Melania refused to poop in toilets in which negroes had previously pooped.

Joe Biden raised a record $365 million dollars in campaign donations, 95% from grassroots contributors.
Antifa is attacking people using soup.

Trump didn't have a series of mini-strokes, because he said so, even though no one asked him.

Trump told his female press secretary to put out for Kim Jong Un.

81 Nobel Prize winners have endorsed Joe Biden.

A week before the election the NY office of the FBI will declare that Anthony Wiener's laptop has Joe Biden's emails on it. (I made that up.)

Covid-19 can wreck your heart, even if you never had symptoms.

Trump equated being shot in the back seven times with missing a putt.

Melania used a private server for her email. Private server for her email. Private server. Email.

Voters younger than 55 prefer Biden to Trump 52% to 37% (Grinnel College poll)

One of the Board of Directors of the USPS also manages Mitch McConnell's Super PAC.

Nancy Pelosi's haircut is the most important thing in the world!

Joe Biden has actually been president for the past four years. Everything is his fault.


And just one more reminder that I have a new website:


Stop in, read the About page for more info and, if you find yourself enticed, come back often for a little daily feline pulchritude.


end rant

News & Notes for September 2, 2020

Trump stages bogus photo-op of fire-destroyed store.

Republicans alter message of handicapped man with computerized voice.

Number of young voters definitely planning to vote jumps to 77%.

Trump encourages voters to vote twice.

Democrats attempt to register one million new voters in Texas.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
aide: Uh, sir? The people are REALLY angry about the USPS, the economy, and the viral pandemic.
Trump: what if the cops murder more black people.
Well, that'll certainly divert public attention but it won't solve anything.
Never said it would.

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