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The progressive web comic about Joe biden and his stance on racism.

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You Go, Joe!

I think we all understand by now that Fat Hitler is a class-AAA lying-ass shit-heel so I think I'll spend some time testing everyone's patience by introducing Joe Biden to those who need to know him better. So consider this #1 in a multiple cartoon series.

For the record, this is a story Mr. Biden himself has told, using these exact words.

Note: Oddly enough, viewers on other social media are misinterpreting Joe's answer here. They seem to believe that Joe is responding "Yes, I'd rather live by a racist" rather than "No, you racist jerk. I'd much rather prefer living with black people."



You know those white supremacist Trump trucks that are rolling through BLM protests tear-gassing and paint-balling protestors? It would be a damn shame if their big, expensive tires somehow got punctured while the trucks were stuck in traffic.


t-Rump's new pandemic advisor is suggesting that he just let covid-19 run freely throughout this country, initiating herd immunity.

You know, who needs vaccines?

But some research is suggesting that covid-19 can reinfect, meaning there can be no such thing as herd immunity. This means the pandemic in this country could stretch for years using this approach, killing up to two million Americans.

This is premeditated murder.

The other piece of "news" that bothers me is data indicating that many of covid-19's victims had existing co-morbidities like cancer or lung disease or diabetes. The suggestion is that covid-19 didn't kill these people, their existing health problems did.

No. Most of these people would still be alive today if t-Rump hadn't turned his back on the virus. Their health problems didn't kill them, covid-19 did.

Actually, t-Rump killed them, and he won't care if more die.

This would be a good time to remind everyone that Hitler espoused killing off the weak. You know, just like every other American President has done. Right?


My brother is dead.

I don't mean that his body no longer walks around and drinks the occasional vile, foamy intoxicant. He is still, by all medical determinations, "alive".

But he's a 100% pure Trumper now.

The kind that believes the Democrats conspired with the Russians to take down Trump's presidency.

The kind that thinks the Democrats "Support violence anarchy brutality ignorance fear and division as well as racism bigotry hatred and class division." Unquote.

The kind that believes the Democrats "have sold us down the river for their own profits and gains."

The kind that spits out words and phrases like "Uranium One", "WHO", "Ukraine", and "Hunter Biden" like they're poison.

The kind who will "bend his knee for no man."

He was a sergeant in the U.S. Army in a country that spends $800 billion a year on its military yet who finds no irony in cursing "socialism".

And who, saddest of all, really believes that "Trump wants the USA to be the greatest nation on Earth."
He also believes that aliens came to Earth to mine gold and genetically reengineer humans. I am not kidding.
I will miss the brother I once knew.

In lieu of flowers I request that contributions be made to Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU or the Biden/Harris campaign.


Kyle Rittenhouse, who attended t-Rump rallies, wasn't old enough to vote for t-Rump, so he did the next best thing.

He intentionally drove to Kenosha to kill Biden voters.

This isn't the sort of decision one normally makes in isolation. It's a product of one's environment. In this case, one that glorifies both the gun and the intolerance of others. For now, let's just call that malevolent influence "Fox News".


Before I go I'd like to announce that I have a new website:


Stop in, read the About page for more info and, if you find yourself enticed, come back often for a little daily feline pulchritude.


end rant

News & Notes for August 31, 2020

Trump calls armed terrorists "patriots".

Biden: Trump won't stop violence because he likes it.

USPS chairman of the board is outed as director of Mitch McConnell's Super PAC.

Trump campaign has knowingly taken contributions from neo-Nazi leader.

Military troops now favor Biden for president.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
In 1970 while campaigning for county council Joe Biden would receive racist phone calls for his support of public housing.
You ni**er lover. You want them living next to you?
If you're the alternative, I guess the answer is yes.

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