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The progressive web comic about Trump violating the Hatch Act.

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Hatch(et) Job

Can this possibly be said often enough?

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” — James Waterman Wise


Convention ratings comparison.

Day One
DNC: 18.7 million viewers
RNC: 15.8 million viewers

Day Two
DNC: 18.6 million viewers
RNC: 18 million viewers

Day Three
DNC: 21.5 million viewers
RNC: 15.7 million viewers

Day Four
Biden speech: 17.5 million viewers
Trump speech: 14.1 viewers


Major props to the NBA and its players and, to a lesser degree, MLB and the NHL, for sending a message about racial injustice in this country by boycotting games.

And, without a doubt, the NBA players demanding that their arenas be used as polling stations this voting season was a grand idea, and also a dart aimed right at the swollen, demented gut of Derf Fuhrer.

That being said, I'm waiting for NFL teams to do something concrete though I feel I'm going to be waiting a long time.


Kyle Rittenhouse, who attended t-Rump rallies, wasn't old enough to vote for t-Rump, so he did the next best thing.

He intentionally drove to Kenosha to kill Biden voters.

This isn't the sort of decision one normally makes in isolation. It's a product of one's environment. In this case, one that glorifies both the gun and the intolerance of others. For now, let's just call that malevolent influence "Fox News".


Let me preface this next comment with the fact that Fox News has never won a major award for journalism.


Not one.

So it's no real surprise that Fox News' Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night defended the walking corrosive pustule that shot and killed two protesters in Kenosha, claiming that the gangrenous little sack of scabs and cancerous tumors was "maintaining order when no one else would."

TV was once called a "vast wasteland" by the first FCC commissioner, Newton Minow. Imagine the look on his face if he saw that same wasteland today, now featuring a conspicuously large sinkhole containing a whirlpool of feces and blond hair dye, spinning fiercely and consecrating the unwary with a viscous spray of intolerance and entitlement.

And on the edge of that whirlpool stands Tucker Carlson shouting "Come on in, the water's fine, and full of freedom!"

Disney is a sponsor of Carlson's program, as is Hulu, and Amazon. I wonder how they feel about good old Tucker these days?


end rant

News & Notes for August 28, 2020

Trump's RNC loses bigly to Biden's DNC.

Nearly every claim Trump made about Biden in his acceptance speech was false.

Trump's answer to what he will do in a second term is literally unintelligible.

House Democrats announce contempt proceedings against Mike Pompeo.

Trump swiped $44 billion from FEMA.

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