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The progressive web comic about Trump admitting why he let covid-19 run wild.

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Dead On Tape

You have to admit. Having white racist police kill black men in order to induce race riots is a very cost-effective way of ramping up fear among the low-information-voting populace, especially in swing states. If only Conservative's had tried as hard to find cost-effective means of slowing or stopping the covid-19 epidemic.


How can everything Louis DeJoy is doing to destroy the USPS NOT be considered "going postal"?


Last night, four days after her husband was commanded by the courts to pay the legal fees of a sex worker, one that her husband had raw-dogged while she was home nursing their newborn son, the third wife of the man Putin installed in the White House stood before the American people and extolled his virtues as leader of this country.

Maybe it was the Soviet-style outfit she was wearing last night or maybe it's the way she slaps this man's hands away every time he reaches out to her in public but I rather doubt her sincerity.


The message from the RNC:

"Look! We're in Jerusalem! We love Jews! Look! We naturalized some immigrants! We love immigrants! Look! We had my former employee, Herschel Walker, on stage with us! We love the Blacks! Look! We had Tiffany at the RNC. We, um, uh, love Tiffany! Please vote for us. Please! PLEEEEASE!"


The ratings for Tuesday's RNC are definitely going to be lower than Monday night's show. Fewer people are going to be watching because in the past 24 hours 1200 Americans died of covid-19.


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News & Notes for August 24, 2020

71% of college students say they'll vote in 2020, and they heavily prefer Biden to Trump.

It was AOC's grilling of Michael Cohen that led to today's indictment against Trump businesses.

Postmaster DeJoy doesn't know how much it costs to mail a postcard.

Dejoy asked by House: "Is your backup plan to be pardoned by Trump?"

The GOP has no party platform and don't plan to write one.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
Trump: Look, if I had stopped covid-19 in it's tracks I would gotten no credit for it.
Because people don't congratulate or complain about stuff that never happens.
So I let it run loose so I could use it for political purposes, and make a few bucks on the side.
Heu, Uhh, you sure this recorder is broken?
Reporter: Oh, absolutely.

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