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The progressive web comic about Trump forcing children back to school.

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Under the Bus

It's too bad the video of the shooting of Jacob Blake wasn't withheld until after the officer had already made his report. I'm sure it would have contained a lot of "Resisting arrest", "He went for my gun" and "My gun accidentally went off seven times."

You know, the usual police alibis after they lose their shit because black people attempt enjoy to American freedom like white people do.


I was having trouble following the DeJoy hearings in the House today. I could hear him lie just fine but every time he was on screen there was this big middle finger in the way that obscured his nervous, stuttering rat-like face.


Instead of paying everyone to stay home during the covid-19 pandemic wouldn't it have made more sense to test everyone and then pay only the infected to stay home and isolate until they were healed? Cell phones could be used to geo-locate the sick and make sure they stay home until they were better. Anyone caught sneaking out for a beer would not only lose their stipend but be also fined.

We can still do this, you know. I think it would end the problem in a matter of weeks.


Melanoma Trump reportedly took 21 trips within three months to NY to get her hair done. (Taxpayer cost: $675,000)

I thought she was just being an entitled grifter until a nice lady told me that trips to the hair stylist that often are pretty much what you'd expect from a woman going gray.

So Fat Hitler gets painted orange daily while his consort gets the Clairol's Brownshirt Bloodstained Harvest Moon #27 treatment. Your tax dollars at work.


Remember when President Obama lost a legal battle against a stripper?

Yeah, me, neither.

I think Stormy Daniels should donate a framed copy of the check to the inevitable Donald J. t-Rump Presidential Library and Adult Novelty Store that will be erected off I-30 and the Buzzard Junction off-ramp near downtown Missing Chromosome, Alabama.


Fun Fact:

2500 dairy cattle excrete as much waste as 400,000 humans.

That specific amount of feces is scientifically referred to as a "Sean Hannity".


end rant

News & Notes for August 24, 2020

71% of college students say they'll vote in 2020, and they heavily prefer Biden to Trump.

It was AOC's grilling of Michael Cohen that led to today's indictment against Trump businesses.

Postmaster DeJoy doesn't know how much it costs to mail a postcard.

Dejoy asked by House: "Is your backup plan to be pardoned by Trump?"

The GOP has no party platform and don't plan to write one.

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