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The progressive web comic about Dejoy and Trump stealing the USPS pension fund.

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Louie's On the Job

In 2006 Dubya signed a Republican bill, sponsored by Susan Collins, that forced the USPS to fund it's pension plan for the next 75 years.

That fund now sits at $120 billion dollars.

t-Rump and Louis DeJoy are currently dismantling the USPS.

I wonder where all that pension fund money is going to eventually go?

Answer: It's not going to the employees. It'll go to the new owners of the Postal Service. That's how America works.


Nancy Pelosi had a conversation with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy today. It went something like this:

Pelosi: "Will you replace the mail boxes?"

DeJoy: "Up yours!"

Pelosi: "Will you replace the sorting machines?"

DeJoy: "Eat me!"

Pelosi: "Will you reinstate overtime?"

DeJoy: "Reinstate THIS, muthafukkah!"

Pelosi: "Seriously?"

Dejoy: "Trump2020, beeyatch!"

(I am, of course, paraphrasing Dejoy's actual responses but there's little doubt this is what he was thinking.)


What Joe Biden should have said last night:

"My fellow Americans. Unlike some Russian puppet I know I didn't spend two hours this afternoon in a make-up chair being spray-painted orange and having the single remaining strand of hair on my head intricately woven into the shape of a golden Sumatran rat.

Unlike some third-rate tyrant I know I didn't prepare for the campaign talking to Vladimir Putin on the phone as he was preparing poison for his political enemies while drawing pictures in crayon on how best to replace House Democrats with Junior Miss America contestants.

Unlike a certain sociopathic narcissist I know I didn't look at charts noting the steadily rising numbers of Americans who have died of the coronavirus and wishing they were popularity polls.

I am filled with pride at the number of smart and talented people who have graced the stage during this convention, especially your new Vice President, Kamala Harris. Unlike a certain lying asshole with teeny-tiny hands who will have c-list actors, pillow salesmen, indicted criminals, witch doctors and God knows who else at the RNC trying their best to put a positive spin on a failed economy and 175,000 covid-19 deaths.

This election is going to be different because, as much as I love and respect Hillary Clinton, this time that thing squatting in the White house bunker is running against a man, so he can't pull that misogyny bullshit again.

As such, I look forward to our debates. And if that fat bastard starts wandering around the podium again because his Adderall kicked in too soon I'm going to kick him in the balls. Which, honestly, will be difficult as Putin keeps them in a jar in his Moscow mansion propping open a door to his room full of incontinent hookers, but I'll do it.

Thank you all for your vote of confidence and I'll see you at the polls. Wear a mask, wash your hands and God bless the United States of America."


Kamala Harris's "I know a predator when I see one" probably went right over Lil'Shenko's head, but the rest of America gets it.


A difference between Biden and Fat Hitler...

Joe Biden smiles easily and readily for everyone.

t-Rump smiles only for Putin.


end rant

News & Notes for August 21, 2020

Trump is targeting Blue Urban areas for USPS sabotage.

Trump campaign fails to present evidence of voter fraud in Pennsylvania lawsuit.

Louis Dejoy won't reinstall mail sorting machines, or much of anything, actually.

Postal Service official testifies that the White House and Steve Mnuchin were involced with slowing down the mail.

Susan Collins crippled the mail, now chicks are dying.

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Director, Bethlehem Steel: In 2003 our company deaulted $3.7 billion dollar pension fund. $6.1 billion $9.8 billion
CEO, Delphi 2009
Director, United Airlines 2005
Louis DeJoy, USPS: Our pension plan is at $120 billion dollars. Hold my very exclusive bespoke beer.

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