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The progressive web comic about Kanye West presidential run.

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Sensible Republicans? Since When?

WARNING: Cranky Cartoonist Alert! Be prepared for alarmist predictions and please keep arms and legs inside the ride at all times.


What changed the Repubican Party so drastically since 1956? Simple. The Civil Rights Act. It's been all about the racism ever since, and it's worked beautifully for the GOP.

This nation should never stop slapping itself.


I have long heard, and shared, the alarming idea that the ultimate goal of the ultra-rich in this country, those who own the Republican Party, want nothing more than to turn the 97% into serfs living twelve to a room, being paid a dollar-a-day, and making Nikes and consumer goods for the burgeoning middle-class Chinese population.

This planned collapse of the U.S. economy by Trump and his pals is taking us a broad leap closer to that fever dream. Forget Medicare For All, forget the Social Security we've come to know, forget the 40-hour week and paid holidays. "Dystopian" doesn't begin to describe the future that's looming over this country like a warehouse full of simmering ammonium nitrate.

Yes, Biden will probably win the 2020 election but that's not going to stop the economic death spiral already in progress. Four years of no jobs will almost certainly result in another swing to the Right as the GOP will scream "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!" into the Fox News and Sinclair and OANN megaphones just like they did in 2010 and then proceeded to sit on their hands for eight years.

On the other hand, Democrats may steamroll the election in all three houses and proceed to pass the kind of legislation that will fix the massive loopholes in our laws that charlatans like Trump and Barr use as their personal latrines.

So vote Blue. Get an absentee ballot and deliver it to your voting precinct supervisor by hand. No excuses!


I read the charges against the NRA and thought "We might as well dissolve the Republican Party for the same reasons."


Not only did much of the $600 in unemployment funds be given directly to the banks in the form of mortgages but now there is record credit card debt as people are trying to hang on. Guess who profits from all that debt? You guessed it.

And who is going to own all the houses of people who cannot pay their mortgages because of the chaos that resulted from the coronavirus? You guessed it.

Screw the banks!


Reagan wasn't impeached for Iran-Contra simply because the Democrats didn't want to be seen as the "Impeaching Party", completely missing the point that some Presidents deserve to be kicked out on their asses.

When Clinton won the Presidency the GOP couldn't WAIT to impeach him, ensuring that the Democrats couldn't impeach Bush, for a multitude of reasons, like lying about WMDs and starting vanity wars, as it'd seem like a revenge impeachment.

Republicans are "Stephen King novel" evil.


If the Supreme court hadn't screwed Al Gore in 2000 there would have been no 9-11 because Gore would have read the daily security reports.

There would have been no economic recession of 2009.

There would have been a balanced budget for eight straight years and a marked decrease in the national debt.

The banks, of course, would be just FURIOUS at all this peace and prosperity. They would have really liked all the interest they deserve as a result of a bloated national debt that unending wars and fat tax breaks to the rich would have given them.

Am I suggesting that the banks may have a lot to do with where this country is today? Noooooooooo. Not me.

Fuck the banks.


end rant

News & Notes for August 7, 2020

Kanye West admits his presidential campaign is designed to take votes away from Joe Biden.

Parents: "We really wish we'd kept our children out of school."

Trump is blocking a coronavirus relief package.

Sally Yates blows up Republican conspiracies and falsehoods.

Biden leads Trump by almost 50 points among college students.

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