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The progressive web comic about how Trump is a giant titty-baby.

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"I yam what I yam."

Texas is at 500,000 cases of Covid-19, which means one of every thirty Texans have been infected.

Thirty people... hmmm... that's about the size of a classroom.


Trump: "The reason we're having this problem today is because of Obama."

Reporters: "Uh, sir, the problem happened while YOU have been president."

President Biden: "The reason we're having this problem today is because of Trump."

Reporters: "We know, we know."


I hear that when Trump loses the election Melania will divorce him.

Help free Melania!

Vote Blue


In short, this is part of the t-Rump plan to steal the election:

Bill 'Screw Democracy' Barr: "Oh, dear. All these Democratic mail-in votes in Red states are illegitimate, just like Trump said. How sad. We win, I mean, Trump wins."

I hate to even broach this subject but you just KNOW the GOP is thinking it. In the period between the election and the inauguration this is the fight Barr will be waging in court, with a weaponized DOJ, in all 50 states. And this is but one prong of a zillion-prong attack.

Multi-prong. Just like Satan's pitchfork.


end rant

News & Notes for August 4, 2020

Trump doesn't appear to understand just how bad the pandemic really is.

Trump's interview with Jonathan Swan part Frost/Nixon part Spinal Tap.

Trump dismisses pandemic death toll with eyeroll and 'It is what it is."

Multiple studies debunk Mnuchin claim that $600 unemployment checks are disincentives to work.

Trump has surrendered to the coronavirus.

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Trump interview with Jonathan Swan
Over 150,000 Americans have died of covid-19.
Trump: It is what it is.
The U.S. is slipping into an economic death spiral.
T: It is what it is.
T: You're dragging this country down a path towards totalitarianism.
T: It is what it is.
A girl is making fun of you on TikTok.
T: Launch all the nukes!

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