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The progressive web comic about how Trump is letting people die.

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If Hillary Had Won

(Allow me to preface this bit of fiction by reminding everyone that just 77,000 votes in three states separated this country from a President Clinton and a treasonous orange weasel.)

Hillary, having narrowly won the election, would have had to fight hard to get nothing done against a Congress owned and operated by treasonous conservative weasels. She would, however, have an effective DOJ trying to root out the most unscrupulous of the bunch. Simultaneously, the Republican-led House would be investigating her for anything even slightly impeachable. Meanwhile, Trump would be heading Fox News, Jr. which would be  spewing breathless anti-Hillary conspiracies into the electronic miasma as fast as his minions could set them to pixels.

Washington would remain in “Obama stasis” as House Republicans would continue to sit on their hands and do nothing except vote to eradicate Obamacare time after freaking time. Because nothing is getting done in Washington there would be no Blue Tsunami of 2018 so the House and Senate would remain obstinately Red. Hillary would, however, add one Supreme Court Justice, Merrick Garland. (Justice Kennedy would still be on the bench because he would not face the extortion Trump threatened him with. It’s possible RBG might take this opportunity to retire but her replacement would only maintain the status quo.)

Putin? Oh, him. Hillary, that “war hawk”, would be sending additional military equipment to Ukraine and maintaining the Russian economic sanctions. Putin would not be checkmated but he’s now down a bishop and the White Queen has the middle of the board.

Then COVID-19 would arrive on our shores. Hillary’s administration would meet it head-on from the moment it hit the mainland but it would still enter the general populace. Aggressive testing and treatment would keep eventual deaths to a minimum, let’s say 15,000, but the GOP would go freaking ballistic over each victim and cudgel the White House with their corpses each and every day on RW media. 

Now it’s campaign season and the economy is in tatters due to enforced isolation, unemployment is high, and the coronavirus is still peeking in from the corners. Mitt Romney gets the GOP nomination and defeats Hillary using the same racist playbook Trump used in 2016. We now have slightly a more intelligent though no less rapacious kleptocrat in the Oval Office, aided by a conservative Congress that’s sharpening their knives and ready to “get down to business”. 

But at least now we couldn’t blame her emails.


Note: I altered the balloon wording a bit. It's better now.


end rant

News & Notes for April 9, 2020

Wisconsin Republicans used the pandemic to stop people from voting.

CNN poll give Biden 11-point lead over Trump.

Fox News says virus death numbers are inflated. Experts say otherwise.

Trump wants to kill the U.s. Post Office.

Rupert Murdoc(!) says Fox News is spreading Covid-19 misinformation.

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