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Bedside Scammer

The medical data is starting to come in and it reveals that black Americans are dying of the coronavirus at about twice the rate of white Americans, in key cities.

If you're white and those numbers were reversed you'd be murderously angry. So shouldn't you be murderously angry already?

Now, let's add to this the news that FEMA is confiscating, without explanation, PPEs and medical equipment from medical facilities that had previously ordered them. Stable-Genius-In-Law Jared Kushner, who is overseeing this new system, has decreed that states and cities must now bid against one another for this equipment, for the benefit (and profit) of brand new intermediary companies.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that poorer communities are going to have a tough time outbidding more affluent ones. This is by design.

t-Rump and his cronies are monsters.


COVID-45: "Send all the medical supplies to me and I'll see that they get to the right people."

Public: "Yeah, but the 'right people' are middlemen who jack the price up so they can make an obscene profit. Why would you do that?"

COVID-45: "Because if the government shared the supplies directly to hospitals I wouldn't get huge campaign donations in return."


Actual t-Rump statement today: “I think mail-in voting is horrible. It’s corrupt!”

Actual reporter response: “But you voted by mail in Florida’s election last month, didn’t you?”

If, at this point, t-Rump had responded by saying "Yeah, but that's because I'm corrupt" his voters would not have batted an eye.


I'm beginning to think one of the cruelest tricks played on this country is when the middle class was convinced that it'd be a good idea to tie its retirement to the stock market.

Look at the result. Right now we're being told we need to get back to work for the sake of Dow Jones. For the sake of our 401k's. For the sake of those 30 companies.
But 81% of all stock is owned by just the top 10% of the wealthiest Americans. Read that again.

So that very affluent 10% is telling the other 90% to suck it up, get out there and drive this economy even though they may die in the process. Keep that stock price up. Eat that cake.

Don't lose sight of the fact that the reason the Dow Jones reached such great heights recently is because the GOP gave the rich, their donors, a HUGE tax cut in 2018 which allowed them to buy back more of their own stock. This is borrowed money, cash that bloated the deficit, and the rich aren't helping to lower it again because big companies no longer pay tax.

Trump has also forced the Fed to drop its rates which also artificially propped up the market. Farmers used to call this "eating the seed corn". That's not a good thing.
You know who really runs this economy? You, the consumer. Stocks didn't drop because you stopped working, it's because you stopped spending. The sick part is that some people actually made money betting the stock market would drop.

Yes, you can't find toilet paper but some insider made several million bucks betting Apple would lose 50 points.

I'm not against capitalism, just vulture capitalism. We, the people, should never, ever have to die because ultra-rich investors are engaged in a twisted, financial dick-waving contest.


end rant

News & Notes for April 8, 2020

Wisconsin is proof that we need urgent action on voting rights (And mail-in ballots.)

Majority of Americans think Trump has mishandled the coronavirus outbreak.

The Supreme Court is no longer nonpartisan.

Biden leads Trump by 8 points in national poll.

Oversight committee bashes Trump for insufficient distribution of virus supplies.

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stable babysitter comic incubating covid-19 comic