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The progressive web comic about how Trump screwed up the coronavirus response.

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Trump/Chaos 2020

A mere six weeks ago I visited my local clinic because I had developed a rousing case of bursitis in my right knee. In the waiting room I was asked to fill out a form that inquired if I had recently returned from Wuhan, China or had recently come in contact with anyone who had. I found it charmingly amusing, as though I, humble Art Boy, had just returned from a gay, mad cruise on a dragon boat on the Kowloon River.

I understood the intent of the question but I did not take it seriously. After all, there was an established army of medical ninjas lying in wait to counter the first sniff of an invading virus.... wasn't there?

When the first deaths in the U.S. started being reported I was not alone in thinking "It won't spread. Our boys in pale green will stem this tide of corruption!"

But spread it did, and it continued to spread. But at no time did I, or anyone else, hear anything about a concerted government effort to slow it down. That's because Trump, while everyone was horrified watching kids being put in cages, had quietly bulldozed a path through the American Ardennes because he didn't like Obama's Antiviral Maginot Line. He had defunded, disbanded, given away or allowed to fall to ruin our country's defense against an enemy U.S. health and economic experts had known was coming well over five years ago.

When our country's response to the virus began showing evidence of governmental ineptitude we all just thought it was dumb old Trump being dumb old Trump. But it's clear now that it's worse than that. Much worse.

From my objective viewpoint, Trump is actively stoking the fires of this pandemic, doing everything he possibly can to burn this country to the ground just so that he won't have to face an election. If there is an election, he will lose, and if he loses he goes to jail.

As a result of Trump's theatrical bumblefuckery infection rates will continue to soar and businesses will close and the economy will subsequently flounder. This summer, when there are no jobs and there are no federal funds in the mail (Assuming the USPS even survives its present funding woes) for people to feed their families or keep the lights on, and there is no government plan to get people back to work, and families are forced to the curb with all their belongings...

There are going to be riots.

And there is going to be martial law.

And elections will be indefinitely on hold.

And Trump is just going to LOVE this because he's the Commander in Chief. Forever.

Am I wishing the above would happen? No. Do I perceive it happening? Yes. Easily.

This could have all been prevented if the Senate had Voted to Remove this creature from office, but Senator Mitch McConnell has taken a lot of dark money from Russian oligarchs that he has no intention of returning. I currently imagine Mitch gleefully elbowing old ladies aside in the grocery store as he hoards stores of marshmallows that he will gleefully roast over the burning carcasses of Hillary and Nancy, inflating his throat pouch to croak ear-splitting roars of self-adulation as has poofy, white ball of sugar blackens on the skewer.

I know that this is a dark tale I'm spinning but it is one that could not have even been imagined a year ago. Over that time it was certainly fun quipping "Everything Trump touches dies" after Trump ripped another chunk of flesh off this nation's soul but we're now down to the bones. And I'm out of patience, and I'm pissed.


Speaking of Mitch...

Seth Myers offered this elegant extended spleen-vent about Mitch McConnell on his show last night:

"Mitch, you albino river toad, we all know why you support Donald Trump and it's not because you respect him, it's because having Trump in charge is like having a hungover substitute teacher. You get to buck the system, break every rule, steal everything you can and there's no one to answer to because he fell asleep the moment he hit "play" on the VCR. You're like those people who move into their dead grandparent's house and keep cashing their Social Security checks, only not as classy."

Thank you, Seth. Stay healthy.


end rant

News & Notes for April 3, 2020

Trump's ignorant son-in-law running the coronavirus response is unaccetable.

Trump is mentally troubled and must resign.

Trup administration alters national stockpile web site to cover Kushner's gaffe.

Trump appoints an unpolished turd to an influential court position.

Fox News lawyers-up to defend their lies about the coronavirus.

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