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The progressive web comic about how Republicans routinely kill civilians.

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Murder Inc.

Why is it EVERY FUCKING TIME a Republican plants his butt behind the Resolute Desk civilians have to start dying by the thousands?

"What? Planes crashing into buildings? We'd have never guessed."

"What? The levees have flooded in New Orleans? Guess I'll go to a birthday party."

"What? Nuns being kicked out of helicopters over the ocean? Here, Iran, have some missiles."

What? Gay people dying? Trees cause pollution, you know."

"What? Germs from China will destory our whole economy? Time for another rally and a round of golf. "

"What? Iraq invaded Kuwait after I gave them permission? Who'd a-thunk?"

"What? A devastaing hurricane in Puerto r-r-r-Rico? Have some paper towels."


Mail-in voting NOW!


If we're wise we should all operate on the idea that getting infected with COVID-19 is going to be a "when", not an "if". So let's do EVERYTHING we can to be a "when" much later on in the year when hospital's much less resemble Thunderdome.

This message brought to you by Americans Who Just Can't Shut Up About the Patently Obvious.


Moscow Mitch McConnell is now saying that Dumbass Donald missed this whole coronavirus thing because he was (Sob-whimper-whine-moan) distracted by that whole impeachment thing.

Okay, let's see. What was Chubby Hitler doing between September, 2019 and February 5, 2020?

Signing legislation? ...... Nope.

Reading to school children?..... Nope

Preparing for a pandemic?..... Nope.

Ah! Here it is!

Nineteen political rallies. (Possibly more.) Almost a full three weeks on the road masturbating furiously for the benefit of Fox News in front of crowds partially composed of paid actors assembled via Craigslist ads.

During this whole period the Oaf of Office slept like an Adderall-addicted baby because he knew the Senate would not vote to convict. If t-Rump was distracted by anything at that time it could only have been the infected paper cuts on his asshole from wiping his sphincter with the Constitution.


t-Rump, on Fox: "The things [House Democrats] had in [the Stimulus Bill] were crazy. They had levels of voting, that if you ever agreed to it you'd never have a Republican elected in this country again."

What Minipinkies McGropeypants is whining about is that the Democrats know the coronavirus will be roaring back in November and it would be a great idea if people could vote by mail.

Like, everyone.

And if everyone votes, Democrats win and win big. Republicans only win by suppressing votes. It's on Page Two of their user guides. Page One instructs them to conspire with a foreign government.


Dumbass Donald now wants an infrastructure bill in the middle of a pandemic.

Le sigh.

Yeah, all those unemployed waitresses and nail stylists are just going to jump at the chance to run a backhoe and pour concrete for $7.25 an hour in a poisoned wasteland courtesy of a DOJ-castrated EPA.

How long before Hair Furor goes full Pol Pot and starts executing anyone with a New York Times subscription and sending everyone else into the farm belt to harvest avocados and Big Macs?


If just a month ago our government (Snort!) had said "Everyone off the streets for two weeks. No exceptions. Then this pandemic will be over. We promise. While you're in quarantine we'll be manufacturing new tests to make sure it doesn't spread again."

But, no. We got Shit for Brains in the White House patting himself on the back with his tiny, little, doll-like hands for keeping the death toll at only 100,000.

Or is it 240,000?

Or is it 2 million?


end rant

News & Notes for April 1, 2020

Why are members of Congress allowed to play the stock market?

The U.S. spends an obscenely massive shit-load of money each year on nuclear weapons.

60% of Americans will be unable to meet their financial needs under a one-month quarantine.

Fact-checking Trump's attempt to erase his failed coronavirus response.

White House economists tried to warn Trump that 500,000 would die and $4 trillion would be lost.

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Reagan: My policies led to 300000 civilians dying in Central America.
George H.W. Bush: My policies led to 300000 civilians dying in Iraq.
George W. Bush: My policies led to 500000 civilians dying in the Middle East.
Trump: Hold my beer. Coronavirus COVID-19

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