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Test, Test and Test Again.

"Reported" U.S. coronavirus cases:

Feb. 19: 15 cases
Mar. 19: 13,229 cases
Apr. 19: 746,379 cases

May 19: 7 million? 14 million? 21 million?There's no vaccine, no reliable treatment, no mass-testing, no wooden stakes, no silver bullets, no holy water. Nothing to stop the spread.

All the public has to protect itself from the virus is shelter-in-place and obsessive-compulsive-Howard-Hughes levels of hygiene.

Meanwhile, what does Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of my great state of Texas think about all this? (The following is a 100% verbatim, unedited quote from a recent Fox News interview.)

"There are more important things than living, and that's saving this country for my children and my grandchildren and saving this country for all of us."

The "more important" thing he's referring to is profit.

The profit his radio stations make. Yes, radio stations.

If the coronavirus was a house fire Patrick would expect us, the public, to leap onto the roof and smother the flames with our bodies.

Meanwhile, he'll be pocketing the dough from all the pimple-cream ads played in the breaks between the breathless reporting of the carnage. Buckle your seat belts. Gonna be a bumpy ride.

Any bets about what May will bring?


From AP News:

28% of patients given hydroxychloroquine, plus regular care, died anyway.

Versus 11% of patients who died who didn't get the drug.

Hydroxychloroquine. t-Rump's "game-changer".

(On the Fox News web site, to no one's surprise, there's currently a screaming headline that says 25% of doctors recommend using the drug. Yeah, 25%. That's approximately the same percentage of people who'd vote for t-Rump again even if he barbecued live kittens on the White House lawn.)

And where did all this hydroxychloroquine nonsense start? Evidently from a segment that Fox News' Laura Ingraham did about the drug. As usual, our TV President thought Laura was talking directly to him and he wouldn't shut up about it... until the past day or so when the bad news about the drug started rolling in. Now he's like "Hydro what? Hydroxy who?"


These "anti-isolation" protests aren't what they seem.

You see, when white supremacists discovered that minorities were dying in disproportionately larger numbers than whites as a result of the coronavirus they reached for their AR15s and said "Honey? Break out the good hoods. We're payin' a visit to the capitol!"


end rant

News & Notes for April 22, 2020

Trump and Fox News suddenly silent about hydroxychloriquine.

Trump lies again. Claims U.S. has tested more for Covid-19 than any other country.

U.S. on course for second Great Depression.

Mitch McConnell says he favors state bankruptcy over more federal aid.

Trump orders U.S. military to "shoot down" Iranian boats.

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Two ways to restart the economy:
Lefty: Test workers for the coronavirus Covid-19. Isolate the infected. Let the healthy work. Everyone wins.
Trump standing on pile of dead bodies: Refuse to pay for tests. Starve the states of money to operate. Force the states to send people back into infected workplaces. I win.

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