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The progressive web comic about how Republicans are doing almost nothing about the coronavirus.

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Slippery Slope

Oddly, this is a good day to buy oil stock.

Our addiction to oil has just hit a bump in the road, not a wall.


Big Oil runs the world and even THEY can't keep the price above $1 a barrel?

Oohhhhhhhh, shit.

Man, I hope the Russian economy collapses and Putin is hung from a lamp-post by his ankles because he's driving this shit-show.


If we had tests for the coronavirus we would know who was infected, who would then be quarantined, and then the rest of us could get on with our lives.

But The Angry Yam refuses to allow testing.

Do the evil, cynical, tyrannical math.


Anyone who says they have "total authority" are also saying they have "total irresponsibility".

t-Rump is a monster and the GOP likes it that way.


In my town we're all required to wear masks when shopping. Yesterday there was one unmasked lady pushing her cart through the store.

I walked over and asked her "Do you know what they call someone who doesn't wear a mask?"

She replied, warily: "Uhhhhh, what?"

Me: "A nudist."


Clinton years: You could walk onto a plane and fly anywhere almost as easy as going to a movie.

Bush years: Traveling on a plane became an arduous task that took hours and sometimes required a body cavity search.

t-Rump years: What planes?


t-Rump Antoinette: "The people have no vaccine? Then let them eat ibuprofen."


Our Putrid Potentate doesn't want to test for the coronavirus because it's pretty clear that he spent his formative years avoiding tests. His response is, therefore, Pavlovian. (Sort of like when Putin says "Jump" and Pol Pot, Jr. grovels.)


Gun owners: "We need our guns to protect this country against tyrants!"

Me: "Trump just said he has total authority over everything. That's a tyrant."

Gun owners: "..... Tyrannosauruses! We meant tyrannosauruses!"


Why is Chubby Hitler doing so little to stop the coronavirus?

So he can get on TV and talk about how much he's  doing to stop the coronavirus.

This is as Trumpian as it gets.

We are living in dystrumpian times.


Finally, a minor mea culpa: The art in the cartoon above was originally created in 2017. You may burn me as a witch now.


end rant

News & Notes for April 20, 2020

The price of a barrel of oil crashes below $1 a gallon.

Experts say it may be time to ban shoppers from grocery stores.

52 off-the-wall lines from Trump's Sunday nght coronavirus briefing.

Shake Shack shamefully returns it's $10 million dollar stimulus money grab.

Dr. Fauci warns that protests will backfire and slow economic recovery.

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GOP elephant: Hmmm, what's a good way to get Americans back on the job without an effective vaccine?
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Driving them into forced labor camps might work but our focus groups nixed that idea.
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