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Grandma Got Run Over By A Republican

Day One of Sheltering In Place:

This morning I signed an agreement with the Cucaracha People's Republic of Under the Refrigerator. They stay away from the Fig Newtons and I don't burn down the house for the insurance money.


I can't help noticing how the infection rate doubles about every two days. That is, to put it mildly, FUCKING ALARMING!!!!


Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick said tonight, on Fox News (of course) that grandparents would be willing to die to save the economy for their grandchildren.

"We've sure come a long way from "Obamacare will kill our nation's cherished seniors" to "Okay we need the olds to die because the stock market is too low and we have an election coming up." - @bryantylercohen


Can you IMAGINE the budget-busting, rubber-stamp, feed-the-corporations-at-all-costs legislation that would be being signed right now by t-Rump if the GOP had continued to hold the House?


In the midst of a worldwide pandemic two of t-Rump's closest autocrat buddies, Saudi Arabi and Russia, just happen to be waging an oil war. And yet, because millions of workers worldwide are sheltering in place fuel prices have begin plunging.

Which sounds great until you realize that the result is American oil-drilling companies closing up shop because there's no way they will sell oil at a loss. Which means that, eventually, the current fuel supply will dry up and gas will become scarce, and expensive. Really expensive.

Higher fuel prices will mean both food and consumer good prices will rise, right in the midst of spiking unemployment numbers. You think the toilet papers riots were awful? Wait'll you start fighting over bread.

The Republican response to this is "Let's give a bunch of money to corporations. They like money. We could also, oh, I dunno, try and limit access to abortion. That would be SO helpful... to our base. And, while we're at it, let's have Bill Barr slice and dice the Constitution just a smidgen just in case Trump feels like fiddling."

t-Rump and the GOP obviously have no input into the pandemic except to somehow make it worse. And there actually are reports that numerous CEOs have been actively lobbying Trump to not coddle all these poor sick people because "it'll be bad for business". Fat Hitler is easy to convince, especially if you're rich, so he wants everyone back to work. Chop-chop! The sooner the better!

Honestly, this American pandemic feels a lot like preemptive revenge by the obscenely wealthy against all this socialist talk of "Medicare for all" and "income equality" and "taxing the rich a tiny, eensy-peensy smidgen of their giant hordes of gold". The nerve!

It sure seems like this never-ending stream of chaos and Trump-fuckery is designed to leave this country on the brink of civil collapse just as the campaign season takes its final lap this fall. Who, after all, will pay attention to a mere election when your kids are starving and bands of armed, Red-hatted goons are at your door demanding your Coors and your MREs?

It makes as much sense as anything else.


Ahhh, but it's not all bad news.

At least 66 Italian priests have died of COVID-19.


end rant

News & Notes for March 23, 2020

Senate Democrats stop corporate bailout.

Woman whose husband died taking Trump's medical advice warns others to ignore him.

Washington Post: Just assume Trump is lying and inept.

Fox News staffers get the coronavirus after listening to the network's anchors.

Trump and Wall Street want Amricans to go back to work, even if it kills them.

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