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The progressive web comic about how Trump has so many scandals.

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Trump Goes Viral

t-Rump: "Why should I buy millions of coronavirus test kits for a bunch of middle-class jerks and prevent an economic crisis when I can do nothing, let the crisis happen, and then give billions and/or trillions of tax dollars to my deserving corporate buddies?"

(I'm just surmising how this went. There's no doubt t-Rump lacks the mental horsepower to contrive such a Machiavellian scheme but that doesn't mean Jared doesn't.)


t-Rump is using racist language to describe the coronavirus in order to demonize the Chinese, to make them the new Mexicans.

You know what else came from China?

t-Rump's hats, ties, campaign banners and all the stuff he uses in his hotels, like shampoo, body wash, moisturizers, laundry bags, bath towels and more.Lots more.


A recent poll said that 37 per cent of Americans trust t-Rump regarding the coronavirus.

That same ignorant, racist, 37 per cent would probably trust t-Rump to perform their colonoscopies using claymore mines.


Fox News didn't shift from unstinting support of t-Rump's dismissive actions towards the coronavirus to suddenly becoming champions of the public welfare just because of some unforeseen vein of decency.


It's because they were losing advertisers and viewers.
Even Red-Hats, as blind as they can be to the truth, have to buy toilet paper, too. And those empty shelves at the grocery store made them, slowly and painfully, put two and two together. And the answer wasn't "hoax".


I would not be at ALL surprised if our Typhoid Tyrant thought a pandemic had something to do with pandas.


The way t-Rump waited so long to address the coronavirus crisis makes it clear who he thinks the real enemy is:

The people.

The 99%.


He hates like HELL the possibility that federal tax dollars will go towards aiding the general public rather than propping up his beloved stock market.


I've said, on more than one occasion, that I'm voting Blue, no matter who.

So this November I'll be ridin' with Biden, and takin' Trump to the dump. You coming?


Finally, does 69 count as touching your face?

I'm just asking for a friend.


end rant

News & Notes for March 18, 2020

The airlines gave $45 billion to their shareholders over 5 years. Now they want a federal handout.

Trump received a pandemic warning in 2017.

Trump's beautiful stock market is right back where it was when he started.

No, Trump cannot cancel the 2020 election.

The coronavirus pandemic will probably last at least 18 months.

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