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The Red Tsunami

Veep Pence did his best impression of a male angler fish this afternoon, seeming nothing more than a shrunken parasite after having latched onto his meal ticket's derriere.


Reagan sat on his hands as AIDS patients died.

Dubya sat on his hands as New Orleans drowned.

Trump is sitting on his tiny hands as people are dying from a pandemic.

The trickle in "trickle-down" is venom.


If there was a virus that caused people to get out and vote you can bet the GOP would have had a vaccine available for every American, for free, before the first Chinese sniffle.


Car Number One: You pay an exorbitant fee every month just to own this car but if you actually use it you get charged extra, and you never know how much extra until the bill comes. Sometimes the tally includes services you never authorized, so you have to spend hours on the phone, with people who obviously don't care about you, trying to straighten it out.

Sometimes you're not allowed to drive this car because the actual owner doesn't think your trip is necessary, so you have to rent an even more expensive car and pay for the trip out of pocket.

The people who own this car keep at least 15% of your payment for themselves. Why? Because they think they deserve it. And because there's no alternative. They know you have to have a car.

This car can cost you as much as 20% of your annual income.

Finally, and most oddly, if you have to change jobs you have to go out and get another car, usually because your new employer has a deal with a different car company. Tough beans.

Car Number Two: You pay a set rate for this car every year based on a percentage of how much you earn, usually about 4%. The car is always there for you and it always works.

Car number One, as though you couldn't guess, is basically how our current health insurance system works. (Just a reminder, health insurance is not health care.)

The second car is Medicare for All. Convince me I'm wrong.


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News & Notes for March 13, 2020

Republicans are trying to sneak anti-abortion riders into the Coronavirus Bill. Of COURSE they are.

Trump is not allowing coronavirus cases to be counted because it would damage his political campaign.

Trump: "I take no responsibility for the slow roll-out of coronavirus testing."

In the midst of a pandemic Trump moves to cut access to food stamps.

Trump blocks states from using Medicaid to respond to coronavirus crisis.

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