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The progressive web comic about how Trump is an incapable twat.

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Ship of St(Hate)

You want to know how to slow down the coronavirus?

Test everyone.

Once you know who has it you can stop it.

This is not hard.


Reagan, Dubya, and Trump all had the stock market crash at the end of their terms in office.

You know which modern-age presidents DIDN'T have a stock market crash at the ends of their time in office?
Go on, guess.

Trump: "In a couple of days the number cases of coronavirus will be close to zero."

I never ever EVER want to hear a Republican demeaning the ACA by saying that Obama lied when he promised that "You can keep your doctor."

I mean fuck the GOP. Fuck all of em!


Funny how Republicans ran the House for eight years and never once tried to bring Joe Biden up on any kind of criminal charge. It's almost like.... they didn't have a reason to.


I thought all the stories about people rushing to hoard toilet paper was just a joke... until I went shopping yesterday and there was one roll left. One. No tissue, either. I left the roll sitting there as I wasn't going to be the guy that bought the last one.

Besides, if it comes down to it, I'll just wipe with my hand and mutter curses at the fates.

For the record, I used my car keys to punch out my debit card password. I was feeling smug about that idea until the guy behind me let out a big dry cough.



I was listening to Randi Rhodes today and her first caller was a guy from Texas who is convinced that the real culprit of the coronavirus pandemic is the media. The media caused it. The liberal media is ganging up on the Typhoid Tyrant because he's just tooooo coooool.

Yes, all those people dying in China, all those countries shutting everything down, all of this country's sports franchises saying "Smell ya later", they're all in on the con because they hate Husky Hitler. That's what Texas Boy believes.

This is Limbaugh's fault. This is Fox News' fault. This is Premiere Networks fault. This is the GOP's fault. This is t-Rump's fault. This is idiocy on a grand scale.

This Texas boy is going to be in for a big shock when he suddenly can't breathe and he goes to the hospital and they tell him to wait in his car until they can determine if it's the flu or the virus. And if it IS the virus they're going to send him home because there's no beds and no procedure to help him, and no test to see if it really IS COVID-19. And for about the zillionth time those health technicians are going to hear the same moronic statement: "But Trump said he's taking care of this."

So let's give a big hand to this country's doctors and nurses and a big fat "Fuck you!" to the insurance industry that will make certain a lot of people die.


end rant

News & Notes for March 12, 2020

Trump blames Americans for not taking coronavirus kits that don't exist.

Mitch McConnell rejects Democrat's emergency sick leave bill.

Federal judge says Chief Justive Roberts is undermining democracy?

Stock market has largest one-day drop since 1987.

Trump is reportedly profiting off the coronavirus.

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