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The progressive web comic about how Trump is half-assing the coronavirus response.

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Failing the Test

Dubya: Drove country into recession, stock market tanked, millions lost jobs.

t-Rump: Drove country into recession, stock market tanked, millions lost jobs.

I'm beginning to suspect that electing businessmen to be president is a rather crummy idea.


t-Rump is reportedly going to hammer Joe Biden for voting for the Iraq war. Don't buy it.

To be clear, Biden voted for the Iraq war because Dubya/Cheney cooked the intel, which led many to believe that Saddam was building a nuke.

76 other Senators besides Biden voted for the invasion.
Blame Dubya/Cheney, not Biden.

(Bernie voted against the Iraq war because Bernie ALWAYS votes against war. Kudos to Bernie.)


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News & Notes for March 9, 2020

The DOW closes down 2000 points.

Trump sweating bullets in belief that journalists will try to infect him with coronavirus.

Who the Hell wants another four years of Trump?

Majority of Americans disapprove of Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Five members of Congress now in quarantine.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Man: I need to take a test for the Coronavirus!
Trump medic: Okay. Have you died from the coronavirus?
Guy: Uhhhhh, no?
Trimps writes on clipboard: Doesn't… have… coronavirus.

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