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The progressive web comic about how Trump is killing people for the benefit of Wall Street

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Lockdown: Day Three

I've been in old cemeteries where marker after marker indicated that the poor souls interred there all died of pneumonia, usually all in the same year. This was all I could think of while watching the Typhoid Tyrant's transparent attempts to favor Wall Street profits over the health of Americans.


To everyone who is having to celebrate a lockdown birthday or anniversary I wish you all the best.


DEMs: We've written a bill that will help the middle class get through this Coronavirus crisis.

GOP: Great, but we're adding a rider that allows CEOs their first pick of all virgin maidenheads.

DEMs: What? Are you insane? No!



If the government doles out a trillion dollars to the unemployed workers of this country they will spend it on food and housing and utilities. It will go right back into the economy and directly support small businesses that will be healthy and ready to put them back to work.

If the government gives a trillion dollars to the corporations they will keep it and consider it profit.


I always kind of mused, especially when driving in Dallas traffic, that there'd someday be a disease that killed all the stupid people. Judging by the crowds of frat boys videoed partying hearty on the beach and the number of Republican congressmen currently in isolation, COVID-19 seems to be granting my wish.

Unfortunately, it's taking a lot of smart people with it, too, in the form of splash damage.


t-Rump's desire to rescind business closures next week is a direct message to the Stupids of this country. It made me think of this little song from Disney's "The Jungle Book".

"Trust in me,
just in me.
Shut your eyes and trust in me.
Slip into silent slumber,
Sail on a silver mist,
Slowly and surely your senses
Will cease to resist."

- Kaa, the snake


end rant

News & Notes for March 25, 2020

Washington State radio station refuses to air misleading Trump press briefings.

Governors are rejecting Trump's call to reopen the economy.

Over 70% of Americans prefer a national quarantine.

Chuck Schumer saw to it that neither Trump nor his kids got any of the economy stimulus money.

Trump's intelligence failure regarding COVID-19 is more glaring than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor.

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