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Progressive comic about Trump the Medal of Freedom to Rush Fucking Limbaugh.

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Meddling With Freedom

It's official.

"Drugsaddictey Don" came out, saw Putin's shadow, and predicted at least 12 more months of fascism.


Yes, Romney voted to oust t-Rump but don't get all dreamy-eyed.

Romney was a vulture capitalist, the very worst kind of capitalist. Damn t-Rump all to Hell but at least he had buildings constructed. Romney would take out a loan on an existing building, rip the guts out, sell all the pieces and then declare bankruptcy. And on the way out he'd help himself to whatever pensions he could get his greedy mitts into.

Make no mistake, his half-Vote to Convict was just a play to both sides in his next bid to be president.

Fuck that guy.


As for Limbaugh...

I hope his battle with cancer is short and painful as he has American blood on his hands. There is no doubt his constant bloviating in opposition of the ACA to all the idiots in Flyover Land resulted in the deaths of people whose lives could have been saved by medical treatment if Obamacare had only been passed quicker.

Fuck that guy, too.

And if anyone knows Limpball's mailing address, let me know as I'd like to send him a box of cigars and a card saying "Burn In Hell, Rushbo!"


The moment t-Rump is no longer the president he will be arrested by agents of the SDNY for tax fraud.


Because he is considered a flight risk.

I can't wait.

Vote Blue, no matter who.


I'm so proud of what Nancy Pelosi did at the end of the State of the Union. Mostly because Conservatives when into a pants-pissing about how MEAN she is.


If John Boehner had ripped up one of Obama's speeches after his SOTU Democrats would have just rolled their eyes.

But Republicans are out for blood against Nancy Pelosi because the Chosen One must be appeased and there is no level to which his minions will not sink in order to earn his favor.


end rant

News & Notes for February 7, 2020

Trump and his associates will do anything to stay out of jail when they lose the election.

Virginia makes Election Day a state holiday.

The Trump job-creation record is terrible.

Mitch McConnell is a threat to our Constitutional democracy.

Trumps SOTU was a white supremacist vision of America.

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Oncologist at hospital
Mr. Johnson, your tests came back and I'm afraid you have cancer.
Unfortunately, Trump is fighting preexisting conditions in the courts so your insurance may not cover it.
He's also doing nothing to lower drug prices so you'd never be able afford to pay for chemotherapy out of pocket.
So what can I do, doctor?
If you ask him nicely maybe he'll give you a Medal of Freedom.

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