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Progressive comic about Trump lying at the Sate of the Union.

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Ripping Yarns

Nancy Pelosi: "[Tearing up t-Rump's speech] was the courteous thing to do, given the alternative."

I'm sure she would have preferred to have shoved it up t-Rump's ass but Mitch McConnell's lips were blocking the path.


When you sift a cat litter box you find a few cat turds amidst a whole lot of litter.

When you sift the t-Rump SOTU speech for lies you get a WHOLLLLLE lot of turds and very little litter.


t-Rump lifted the poor off welfare the same way a guillotine lifted heads during the French Revolution.


t-Rump's enemies list:

• Vegetables
• Diaper rash
• Benevolent dictators
• That Jew-boy that stole my GF
• Words of more than three syllables
• "That guy on TV who looks just like me. The one who keeps saying all those stupid things. Get that guy out of here. Take him out!"


As for Rush Limbaugh, I feel sorrier for the cancer than I do for him.

Imagine having to live inside that fat, bloated fuck.

Thanks, cancer, for saving us from this evil sack of shit. Do your worst and make it painful. Thank you.


Justice Roberts and the Republican Party screwed this country over because they're afraid of melanin. It's a simple as that.


GOP Senators said they didn't vote for witnesses mostly because they're afraid of their political base.

Well, Senators, maybe you need to stop trying to get racist, ignorant, bloodthirsty twats to vote for you.


Keep this in mind: Trump was not acquitted today because there was no trial. A trial without witnesses is not a trial. It's a mobster's wet dream.


Just leaving this here.

Seth Abramson @sethabramson

"If America knew Trump traded the continuation of his licensing deal at Trump Towers Istanbul for a retreat of U.S. forces from the Turkey-Syria border, which led to Turkey shelling our troops, us losing bases, and the rebirth of ISIS, support for a second impeachment would be 70%.


end rant

News & Notes for February 5, 2020

Trump calls on Congress to pass a drug prices bill. They already did a long time ago. Trump is a moron.

Simpsons writer tell Mike Pompeo to "Never ever ever ever use the Simpson's characters".

Trump lied about protecting preexisting conditions in SOTU speech. Trump is a liar.

The House will likely subpoena John Bolton.

Pelosi tears Trump a new one national TV.

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