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Progressive comic about Trump's public image.

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In case you’re keeping score at home:

Oscar Wins:
Obama: 1
t-Rump: 0

Nobel Peace Prizes:
Obama: 1
t-Rump: 0

t-Rump: 1
Obama: 0

t-Rump: 6
Obama: 0

Second Terms
Obama: 1
t-Rump: Not a fucking chance.


When I first saw the photo below I was like "Why are people laughing at this picture of some old babushka?"

And then I was like "OhhhhHHHHHHHHhhhhhh."


the real donald trump


So Buttigieg is being supported by Russian oligarch Blavatnik, eh?

To put it mildly, I think Pete is overreaching. I wasn't planning to vote for him anyway but this certainly seals the deal.


When Rush Limbaugh dies and goes to Hell I can imagine him saying to Satan: "But I got the Medal of Freedom. I think I deserve special treatment."

Satan: "You're right. Turn up the heat, Larry!"


Republican congressmen think they're all Sheriff Taylor but they're more like Barney Fife, if Barney Fife was openly racist and had a secret sex dungeon for Girl Scouts in his basement.


Conservatives attending CPAC are warning Romney to stay away because they might just have to kill him.

And yet, MSNBC's Chuck Todd says Bernie's voters are the new Nazi brownshirts.

Oooooh-kayyyyyyy, then.


It takes 2000 gallons of water to make a gallon of milk but it take 1000 gallons of water to make a gallon of almond milk.

Some people think this makes almond milk just as bad for the environment as whole milk, but you know what else you get with a gallon of whole milk?

2000 gallons of urine, lord knows how many pounds of shit, methane literally out the ass, rivers and streams choked with phosphates, not to mention calfs that are tortured until eventually they're killed and turned into veal.

Almond milk. You can do this.


end rant

News & Notes for February 10, 2020

Trump created 1.5 million fewer jobs in his first three years than Obama did in his final three years.

Two-thirds of Americans disagree with the Republican acquittal of Trump.

Trump just can't wait to kill a drug-dealer.

Trump lies about wanting to cut Social Security.

Trump fired Colonel Vindman. That's a crime.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Lefty: Why is it that you lie about everything?
Trump: Because smart people already know the truth and they're not voting for me.

So, you see, contrary to popular belief Trump really isn't three little kids in a trench coat.

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