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Appetite For Construction

"Trump sows random chaos. He then lets alt-right talking heads and supporters spin that random chaos into a narrative. He embraces the new narrative that explains his actions and blames Democrats for the chaos. Repeat." - Michael de Adder


Rachel Maddow has been a vital part of my informational infrastructure for well over a decade. When she revealed on her show tonight that her SO Susan had contracted a serious case of covid-19 I could not have been more grieved than had it been one of my own family. Here's to Susan's rapid and complete recovery.


"Hitler sent 2000 Jews to the ovens every day" sounds horrible, doesn't it?

Well, t-Rump is consigning 2000 Americans every day to their deaths by ignoring the covid-19 pandemic.

What is the real difference between the two?

Answer: None. But you knew that.


Lame Duck L'Orange called two Republican Michigan canvassers and convinced them to withdraw their certification of the Wayne County vote.

My question is: Did the two canvassers roll on their backs and rapturously piss themselves over their master's tacit approval to screw over Detroit's black population or did they climb onto the roof of their building, drop their pants, and gleefully moon the whole county over the possibility of screwing over Detroit's black population?


Without doubt we need to expand our requirements for president beyond being at least thirty-five-years old, being an American citizen and having a pulse. To begin with, how about at least four years of governmental experience before any candidate throws their hat in the ring?

Multiple degrees in economics, world history and law could only be considered a plus but, considering the American educational system, only foreigners would meet that requirement so, you know, that's out.

We definitely need to weed out the closet crazies by legislating psychiatric tests for narcissism, paranoia and histrionics. Unfortunately, that would automatically exclude all Republicans and, as there's only so much room for commentators on Fox News, we could immediately expect discrimination lawsuits under the ADA.

At minimum, as a result of the current resident of the White House, we need to permanently post on all the entrances to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue signs that read:

• No nepotism
• No coups
• No Russians
• No rallies
• No outside gigs
• No Tweetin'
• No lyin'
• No racism
• No over-staying your welcome!

And, for good measure, let's require a security deposit of 4 trillion dollars on the Constitution.


Final Note: If you'll check the Archives you'll see that this month is only the second month since late 2016 that I've created as many comics as I have so far. Let's just say I'm a MUCH happier cranktoonist these days.


end rant

News & Notes for November 20, 2020

Trump (of course) accuses vaccine producers of wrecking his reelection.

Ivanka (LOL) may have (ROTFL) huge tax problems (LOLOLOL!).

Georgia Secretary of State certifies Biden's win. Fuck Trump!

Trump's rape case continues.

Trump knows he lost the election and is simply engaging in revenge on Democrats and America.

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