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The progressive web comic about Biden, coronavirus deaths and GOP hypocrisy.

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Impeach Who? For What? They Will.

Does anyone else think there's probably going to be a huge spike in coronavirus deaths immediately after Biden takes office as he'll then share the REAL data to all Americans?


We need, we REALLY need, to start requiring significant governmental service from all who would seek the U.S. presidency. Any presidential candidate should have, at minimum, five years in some legislative capacity under their belts before measuring the drapes.


Dolly Parton donated a million bucks to a covid-19 vaccine. I could not love that woman more.


Remind me again why Al Franken was quick to resign but Lindsay Graham is still in office?

While I'm on the subject, didja know that the only requirement for filing a complaint against Sen. Lindsey Graham’s alleged vote suppression is that it be in writing? You can send it by mail, by fax, or by email.

Email: mailbox_office@ethics.senate.gov
Fax: 202-224-7416
Address: 220 Hart Building, United States Senate, Washington, DC 20510

Something simple like:

Dear Sirs;

Senator Lindsay Graham appears to have attempted to commit vote suppression. This unethical and possibly illegal action by a sitting U.S. Senator must be thoroughly investigated. If Mr. Lindsay is indeed guilty you have no other recourse than to have Stacey Abrams repeatedly kick him in the nuts.

Thank you.


The Republican Party is flat-out scared to death of what the 2024 elections are going to look like when Joe and his team ensure a fair election for all Democrats, and with a working USPS this time. Double-scared if Democrats take the two Georgia Senate seats. So send your money now to Ossoff and Warnock.


end rant

News & Notes for November 18, 2020

Joe Biden currently has 79 million votes.

Security czar fired by Trump covers the country's ass. Fuck Trump.

Trump furious that Biden will get all the credit for the coronavirus vaccines. Bwahh-hahahahahahah!

Biden presidency will benefit middle and lower income classes.

Hmmmm. Republicans won almost every election where redistricting was at stake.

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