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The progressive web comic about maskless MAGAs.

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MAGA Luther King

Relevant side note: Nationwide, African-Americans have been dying of covid-19 at about twice the rate of whites.


President-Elect Joe Biden will give the next State of the Union. Behind him will sit, for the first time in this nation's history, two women - Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi.

The speech will no doubt be accompanied by a powerful subsonic rumble as attendant Republicans disquietly grind their teeth in impotent rage.

It will be glorious.


Joe Biden has just released a list of prospective cabinet members and none of them are pictured stroking white cats while laughing maniacally.

Weird, huh?


It's no accident that Putin chose the Republican Party to subvert. Their ethics were MADE for party over country.


I had this weird image in my head of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as a super-hero team of" Whitebread Boy and Multi-Grain Girl".

Looking forward to January 20th!


It's my opinion that the Senate GOP will not approve significant amounts of financial aid for struggling Americans because at least 15% of the recipients are Black, and they can't STAND that.


I wonder if the Republican Party is going to approve of Biden using every bit of his Presidential powers and influence to win the next election, even if it means breaking laws and eventually staging a coup?

I mean, they seem to be okay with such procesess so far.


end rant

News & Notes for November 23, 2020

Michigan state Board of Elections certifies Biden's win.

CEOs tell GOP either to begin Biden transition or they'll withhold funds for Georgia Senate run-offs.

How Ronald Regan's racism helped pave the way for Trump!

New Zealand offers to help America's fight against Covid-19.

Black Detroit voters sung Trump for voting rights abuses and disenfranchisement

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