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Progressive comic about Russian influence in the trump impeachment trial.

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The 100-Meter, Tag-Team, Freestyle Impeachment

In case you missed the opening salvo-ette of t-Rump's defense:

First, every Trump lawyer is a white male. (Shocking, eh?)

Trump's lawyers aren't contesting the facts of Trump's scheme. (Trump lawyer motto: "What we lack in veracity we make up in ad hominem character assassination.")

Cipollone: "Democrats manufactured facts and want to cancel the election." (Considering how often Trumpies engage in projection this "cancel the election" meme has me genuinely concerned.)

Cipollone attacked Schiff for not testifying. (Prosecutors. Aren't. Witnesses.)

Sekulow is offering evidence that's not part of the record. (Not… exactly legal.)

Sekulow: "U.S. agencies are untrustworthy liars." (More projection)

Cipollone: "The Democrats are hiding the facts." (Oh, really? Okay, here's a subpoena. Let's dance.)

Cipillone: "Removing a president through impeachment is against the Constitution." (Let me check... No, it's not illegal. It's actually in there.)

Sekulow said there is "overwhelming evidence" that Trump is innocent. (Okay, we're waiting. Go ahead. What? Your dog ate your evidence? Sad.)

Lawyer: "I don't want to go over the evidence. It would take too long." (Don't want to miss their tee time.)

Trump lawyers complained they only have evidence supplied by the House. (Okay, then, Trump lawyers, call your witnesses. We'll sharpen our knives.)

Wait. That was it? It's over? See ya Monday, I guess.


If a senator's head was stuck on a pike and that head is already up Trump's ass...


end rant

News & Notes for January 25, 2020

There's video of Trump demanding Yovanovich be 'taken out''.

Mike Pompeo is freaking out over this Ukraine thing.

Lindsey Graham is the most shameless man in politics.

Republican attack decorate veteran because he finked on Trump.

Trump lawyers stupidly open door to witnesses in the impeachment trial.

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trump's gloves comic Trump is guilty comic