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Progressive comic about Trump is guilty of the articles of impeachment.

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Blind Senate's Bluff

The bright side of Chubby Hitler threatening to put Republican Senators heads on pikes is, apart from the "Republican-heads-on-pikes" part, that he seems to be so worried and unsure about the outcome that he has to threaten the jurors.

Seriously, if he REALLY had the Senate in his pocket would he have to threaten them like this?

This gives me irrational cause for hope.


Let me get this straight: Senate Republicans are now saying that voting for witnesses in the impeachment trial is a waste of time because Trump would cite executive privilege, thus obstructing witnesses from an obstruction trial, which means he's got to be found innocent.


That sounds a bit like the old joke about the man on trial for killing his parents, begging the judge for leniency because he's an orphan.


First no soldiers were harmed in Iran's attack on the U.S. base in Iraq. Then we hear it's eleven men injured. Now we hear it's 34 men injured. And all this time tRump is saying "Awww, it was no big deal."

I want one enlisted man who voted for Trump to leave a message in the Comments and tell us all how this is okay.


The New Fascist administration a rule on Friday, today, that makes it harder for pregnant women to come to the U.S. to have their children, thus giving them dual citizenship. The new rule is they have to prove they can pay for the birth. Why is that important?

Because Trump runs hotels in Florida where rich Russian women come to have their babies. And he charges them as much as $87,000 for the process. These are now Russian children with dual-citizenship.

Which mean 35 years from now one of those kids could be president.

Trump just wants to keep Mexican babies out of the country because he doesn't make a 'red cent' off them (Except the kickback he gets from the $750-a-night-per child concentration camps on the border.)


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News & Notes for January 24, 2020

New recording released revealing Trump screaming to have Yovanovich 'taken out'.

The Trump Inaugural fund is discoverd to be corrupt, to no one's surprise.

Trump threatens to put Republican 'heads on pikes' if they vote against him, which is jury tampering.

Fox News covers the impeachment trial with the sound turned off.

Musician Neil young becomes U.S. citizen just to vote against Trump.

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GOP in blindfold. Blackboard has guilty written all over it.
As you can tell by the Democrat's evidence the President is clearly innocent.

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