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Progressive comic about Republican corruption in the impeachment process.

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Moscow Mitch's Red Meat Market

The first day of t-Rump's impeachment trial, in a nutshell:

Schiff: "Here are a dozen ways Trump is guilty. We have charts, graphs, photos, recordings, fingerprints, DNA and blood samples all pointing directly at the president."

Sekulow: " Democrats eat boogers."


When the Senate voted on rules for the Bill Clinton impeachment trial the result was a unanimous 100-0 because the rules were fair, nonpartisan and made sense.

When the Senate votes on Moscow Mitch's giant middle finger to Americans he will be delighted to destroy Democracy with a 53-47 result. We shall have to wait and see if there yet exists a shred of decency among Senate Republicans. Hold your breath.


Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr are terrible people. They're defending Trump not only for "birds of a feather" reasons but because Fat Hitler is famous for stiffing lawyers and all the good ones won't work for him.


And this whole "Hillary attacks Bernie" thing? Between you and me I think this is just a clever ploy to fire up the base for Bernie.


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News & Notes for January 21, 2020

71% of Americans want McConnell to call witnesses at Trump impeachment trial.

There's video of Pence and Parnas together.

A majority of Americans want Trump removed from office.

Warren would create a task force to investigate Trump corruption.

The White house offers no defense in first day of Trump impeachment trial.

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