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Progressive comic about real estate tips.

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No Salesmen Will Call

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Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz are t-Rump's impeachment defense lawyers.

Evidently the homeless Miami man who was eating people's faces will be busy that week.


Trump knew. Barr knew. Pence knew. Pompeo knew. (Hell, even Sean Hannity knew.) They ALL knew extortion and bribery were being used on Ukraine.

It's time for the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act to be fired up. It was made for cheap crooks like this administration.


I'm living in a age where I've witnessed two impeachments, but there should have been four:

Nixon, Reagan, Dubya, and Trump.

Nixon resigned while Reagan and Dubya benefitted from a favorable, for them, set of political circumstances.

Clinton should have never been impeached. That was a Republican political hatchet job that was as much revenge for Nixon's resignation as anything.

I dare say this won't be the last impeachment in my lifetime, especially if the Republicans win the House again. They'll impeach a Democratic president for wearing a tan suit.


Dear MAGA Supporters,

FUN FACT: The 'stock market' is not the same as the 'economy,' and it's only going up because your wages aren't.


The 99.9999%


If you have a medical emergency you will have no idea how much treatment will cost you until you get the bill.
Trump is currently trying to force hospitals to post the exact cost of every medical process. Hospitals are suing because this would put a huge financial, logistical and legal burden on them.

How about we institute Medicare For All and then we wouldn't have this problem.

At all.


Donald "Five draft deferments" Trump is reportedly calling his generals "dopes and babies".

If you're in the military and you still support this quisling then YOU are the dope.


end rant

News & Notes for January 20, 2020

Devin Nunes implicated in Ukraine extortion.

Lev Parnas is the smoking gun in the Ukraine extortion plot.

The National Archives blurred out anti-Trump signs at the Women's March.

Trump whines about getting involved in the vaping problem.

Trump is a remorseless advocate of crimes against humanity.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

How to make big money in real estate
1. Evolve opposed thumb and bipedal locomotion.
2. organize agrarian co-ops and establish nation-states.
3. Engage in endless series of brutal land-acquisition.
4. Launder money for Russian dictators.
Trump: It's just that easy!

impeachment comic stupid trump stuff comic