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To my regular peeps who might wonder where the 'toons were last week I hope you understand just how hard it is to come to an editorial stopping point regarding t-Rump's nefarious governance when the metaphorical train we're all riding on has no brakes, no conductor, and the engine is about to explode.

While it's been "fun" watching the press catch Fat Hitler and his minions in one lie after another about the reasons given for assassinating Qassem Suleiman I could have drawn a different cartoon covering the killing every day of the week. And they'd all be partially wrong.

I actually considered creating a new 'toon every day that highlights every lie t-Rump puked up on that particular day but it'd be hard to always make it amusing. Besides, why spread his lies for him?

But, for the record:

Trump tweeted Photoshopped image of Pelosi and Schumer as Muslim terrorists.

Trump was discovered to have planned to kill Suleimani seven months ago.

Trump lied that he saved the preexisting condition.

Trump tweeted photo of mutilated corpse.

Over the weekend Trump lied that it was snowing in Washington, DC.

I hope you're happy, but I feel all dirty now.


One reason Americans fear Medicare For All is that they think their taxes will go up. (And they would go up, but yearly outlay for health care would reduced considerably.)

Americans already pay a shit-load of taxes but that's primarily because we're on a war economy. We spend more on our military than the next ten countries combined. If this country would shift those taxes towards research for renewable energy we could stop fighting oil wars and reduce taxes enough to make funding universal health care almost an afterthought.

There, was that so hard?


Donald Rumsfeld, 2002: "There are known knowns and unknown knowns."

Mike Pompeo, 2020: "We don't know where, we don't know when, but (the imminent threat) was real."

Different asshole, same shit.


Michael Bloomberg says he'll spend all his money to dethrone t-Rump.

I'd like Bloomberg to buy Fox News and replace the on-air talent with native Russian-speakers, then use English subtitles. It would provide RedHats the same content but with an accurate reflection of its intent. Besides, the subtitles would drive the illiterate sunsabitches crazy.


end rant

News & Notes for January 13, 2020

Trump campaign advisor pleads guilty to sex trafficking.

Russians continue to hack for the benefit of Trump.

Trump lies, claims he invented Obamacare..

Mnuchin hides Trump travel costs.

Trump 'four embassies' claim falls apart.

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trump real estate tips comic genie wishes comic