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Welcome to the Future!

I thought I'd start off the year 2020 with a classy cartoon. I drew this with one pinky finger lifted.


Here's a cartoonist's life:

You hop into bed and get all snug and warm and drowsy and suddenly you have a good idea for a cartoon. Being too lazy you tell your brain not to forget the joke so your brain being working overtime reminding itself of the premise, even finding a new permutation or two. In the morning you get up and discover that it was actually a pretty crappy joke, and so you just hope for a good solid poo.


I had two options on New Year's Eve... either eat at a restaurant which I'd never dined before, hoping for a memorable experience, or chow down someplace with the best food in the whole freaking world.

Guess which one I chose. Go on. Guess.

I also made the decision to stay in on New Year's Eve as I pert near froze my gonads off last year ogling an admittedly decent fireworks display downtown. So I Googled "movies to watch on New Years" and the result was numerous lists of movies ABOUT New Years or that INCLUDED a New Years event but not one that was fun to watch on NYE. That's two different things entirely. Ahh, but when in Rome...

The three movies I narrowed the list down to were "The Godfather II", "Ghostbusters" and the eventual winner "The Apartment", the Oscar winner from 1960 starring Jack Lemmon, a national treasure. I'd watched the film many, many years ago but I certainly enjoyed it now that I'm a mature adult.

Very mature. Too mature. Mature out the wazoo.

Anyway, excellent film. Two or three thumbs way up and mucho stars to boot. Go watch it as it's Lefty Approved.

I hope your NYE was equally as rewarding.


end rant

News & Notes for January 2, 2020

Trump buying farm votes with billions of unapproved tax dollars.

Trump is using the Justice Department to punish CNN.

The DOJ repeatedly redacted emails to hide Trump's blackmail of Ukraine.

Poll: Most Americans don't like Trump.

Every county in Pennsylvania will have voting machines with paper trails.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

A: Genie, I wish that you would reduce poverty.
G: Master, you don't need to waste a wish on that.
A: I don't?
No. You see, poverty and low wages are rooted in income inequality, due to repeated tax cuts for the rich by Republicans.
So just vote for Democrats who will tax this obscene wealth and the system should right itself.
Aladdin: Great!
A: Soooo…. ten-inch penis?
G: Done.

republican hypocrisy comic happy noose year comic