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Progressive comic about Trump lying about hurricane Dorian

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In A Spin

If the Weather Channel had historically paid hookers to deliver the weather report we could have been assured that the Oaf of Office might have seen at least one past hurricane report and understood that hurricanes don't always travel in straight lines.

Instead, our Dumpy Despot looked at the map for Dorian a week ago and tweeted to all and sundry "Next stop, Alabama! With Nebraska to go!"


This assumption on his part proved to be absurdly incorrect and his little fee-fees got butt-hurt when the press began asking questions and pointing ink-stained fingers, so he grabbed a Sharpie and slyly gerrymandered Alabama into into the path of destruction.

No one would ever suspect.


“It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.” - Jonathan Swift

Swift understood the Trump voter very well.


Dear Walmart;

I have always had very few pleasant things to say about your company but I would like to share a heartfelt "Thank you!" for your decision to stop selling ammunition in your stores. It's a baby step towards sanity, and your corporate policies still suck, but thanks.


San Francisco is calling the NRA out as a domestic terrorist organization. This makes me so happy I think I need to send SF flowers or something.


Mitch McConnell hates being called "Moscow Mitch", which is perfectly understand. He should more accurately be called "Putin's Pocket Perfidy Pal".

Aside to Mitch: No one would call you "Moscow Mitch" if you only did your damn job! You traitorous slime-ball.


One of the best things I heard all week was the idea that if the U.S. invested hard enough in solar and wind electric power we could get rid of all the hydroelectric dams and begin returning this land back to his natural state. Benefiting the animals AND ourselves.


I'm going to go out a limb here and make a totally crazy prediction: If the GOP takes the House, Senate and presidency in 2020 they will vote to give a gazillion tax-dollars to the already ludicrously wealthy.

I know it sounds cray-hay-hazy but , hey, ya never know.


People say many nasty things about Facebook but I need to report that my Facebook "Raging Pencils" page has developed a quite large and fervent crowd of progressive Followers. They're good people with good hearts and they love spreading my messages of liberal intent. Yes, there's the occasional RWNJ troll that sneaks in but Facebook affords me the divine pleasure of throwing them out the virtual airlock.

Permanently. Bwah-ha-haaaaaa!

That being said, Facebook airlocked me for seven days beginning last Friday, and all because I wrote about t-Rump kicking sick foreign kids out of hospitals to die.

Yes, I got banned for sharing the news, but I blame it on Facebook's bots because they evidently have a really hard time telling satire from intolerance. This is my second ban. The first was for three days. The next one will be for 30 days. After that it's a permanent ban.

I was really steamed about this until someone reminded me that I am not a Facebook customer. I am a Facebook product. I am there only to attract eyeballs for their multitudinous ads. And if I transgress their secret list of censorable words or ideas, well, I there are more where I came from.

What this means is my commentaries there will retain all their vitriol but when I write that "Donald Trump is a [redacted] [redacted] lump of [redacted] [redacted] who isn't fit to suck [redacted's] [redacted] [redacted]" I'm sure people will still get my point.


end rant

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