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Progressive comic about how congressman are bought by Putin

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Room and Overboard

Bahamians: There's no food, no clean water. Can we please go to the U.S. to stay with relatives?

CBP: Do you have your passports and copies of your criminal records?

Bahamians: We do.

CBP: Then get on the ferry.

t-Rump: Hold it! They need Visa's, too!

CBP: Why? We have laws that allow these people to come to the U.S. under these circumstances.

t-Rump: Well, because they're.... they're all drug dealers! That's why!

CBP: Seriously? They're all drug dealers that waited for a hurricane to destroy their island before coming to the U.S.? Even the women with babies? Even the sick and injured? All drug dealers?

t-Rump: Let me put it this way.... you know how I now control all the weather?

CPB: (eyeroll) (facepalm) (sigh) Yeah.

t-Rump: Visas. And blame it on the ferry boat operators. Now watch this putt.


Dear Walmart;

Last week I gave you props for ceasing the sale of handgun ammo and for asking open-carry morons to stay away from your stores. However, I've since heard that you're not enforcing your own open carry rules and therefore, up your hole with a mello roll, Walmart.


One last thing: I almost always post my comics on the /r/politicalhumor Sub-Reddit and my last 'toon about Fat Hitler's Sharpie Escapade did very well.

The following day I was cruising that particular sub-Reddit and saw that someone had taken my Sharpie cartoon, cut off the top half, and posted the bottom half.

Did i mind? Not much. At least my name and URL were still extant.

What bothered me, though only slightly, was that the half-toon gained almost as many up-boats as the whole enchilada that I had previously posted.

I may be working too hard.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

elephants: It says here that twenty-one Conservative members of Parliament put country over party and voted with the opposition. That shit would never happen here.
Yeah! Putin pays us too well.

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