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Progressive comic about the physics of 9-11

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Falling Down

It's 1999.

America is experiencing peace and progress like it has rarely done before. President Bill Clinton is leaving office with a balanced budget and a hope to reduce or eliminate the federal deficit by 2010.

His vice-president is an envrionmentalist. He knows that climate change is real and he plans to do something about it.

But the Supreme Court said "Fuck no, America! We're going to violate state voting laws, just this once, to make  sure this country gets a nice, dependable tool of the oil industry instead."

And the people said "How bad can it be?"

Well, now we know.


This cartoon is a reminder that the two buildings (three, actually) that fell in NY on 9-11 were supported by millions of tons of steel and concrete and yet they fell at free-fall speed. As though nothing but air existed below the impact sites. A clear violation of the Laws of Conservation.

The only conspiracy theory worthy of consideration here is that your government will lie to you.

And it does.


Addendum: I drew this cartoon to explain, in the simplest way possible, that the two World Trade Center buildings were not just big empty shells, as far too many people think.

Both buildings were constructed around massive, multi-column, central concrete cores that reached all the way to the top floor. These huge columns simply shrugged off the impact of the airliners, which are essentially just big aluminum tubes filled with meat.

We know this to be true because the "official story" is that the heat of the burning jet fuel weakened the supporting structures of the building but, friends, all that kerosene burned away in a big fireball mere seconds after impact. It didn't sit on the surface of those massive steel beams and heat them up until they gave way.

The very most that should have happened is that the top floors of both buildings would have slumped over a few degrees. So what destroyed the buildings? Let me share the memory of a video I saw some years ago.

While the twin towers were still standing there was a static video camera aimed down a crowded New York street. The image wasn't important but you could hear what sounded like every emergency vehicle in the city running their sirens. It was an overwhelming caucaphony. But mere seconds after the second tower had crumbled into cancerous dust all the sirens were silenced. Why? Was the danger over? Was the situation any less perilous than it had been a minute before?

People standing near the towers as they collapsed reported hearing sounds of explosions. To me it's clear that these sirens were used to mask those sounds. Which means whoever commanded they be used, and subsequently silenced, had to know exactly what they were doing. And why.


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A public service message from raging pencils in commeoration of 9-11. This is a modern skyscraper. It is designed to be very strong at the bottom in order to support the immense weight above it. It is so strong that even if the top portion is severely damaged and begins to fail it will still be supported by the robust bottom section. Unless the bottom part is intentionally destroyed then the building will collapse in a heap. Thank you for your attention. We return you now to the slow slide into fascistic despotism, which is already in progress.

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