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Progressive comic about Trump's corruption.

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Falling Down

Libraries are going to have to add a "Political Fiction" section to the Dewey Decimal System to handle the books written by the well-funded conservative propaganda machine about t-Rump's presidency* after he's blessedly gone.

They should have already created such a section after Dubya but I guess they made do with the Humor section.


t-Rump: "The U.S. military stands ready to wage war on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

Media: "Why should we protect them?"

t-Rump: "They pay cash."

Saudi Arabia: The country whose citizens attacked the U.S. on 9-11. The country that's in the process of sterilizing Yemen. The country that sliced a U.S. resident into cold-cuts.

Is it any surprise that our military is considered by t-Rump as something no less disposable than the immigrants he secretly hires at his hotels?


Scene: Somewhere in Florida. December, 2000.

Floridians: Oh, noes! We can't seem to decide who won the presidential election. Whatever shall we…?

< Crack of thunder>

SCOTUS: Stand back! WE shall take care of this!

Floridians: Oh, man! It's the SCOTUS! <distant sound of horses whinnying in terror> What are you guys doin' here?

SCOTUS: Fear not, good people! For we, the SCOTUS <horse whinny> have come this day to relieve you poor, shoeless, math-challenged common folk of the burden of selecting our next president.

Floridians: That's nice of you to offer but vote-counting is a states' right. It's our job, not yours.

SCOTUS: Well, uh, ahem, yeah, that's true. But it's just this once, okay? We're not gonna abuse our judicial power like this ever again. (sotto voce) At least not until we get rid of Kennedy and then LOOK OUT, baby!

Floridians: Say what?

SCOTUS: Oh, nothing. Nothing. Now, show us your vote tallies and bring us the gall bladder of a freshly sacrificed alpaca.

< several cheap visual effects later>

SCOTUS: We have made our decision!

Floridians: Ooh! Is it the career politician, the one who wants to keep taxing the rich to pay down the deficit, who supports the Kyoto Protocols, and the one who's been at the current President's side during the longest economic expansion in U.S. history?

SCOTUS: Well…..

Flordians: .... Seriously, dude?

SCOTUS: Now calm down. We have, in our infinite wisdom, chosen the simple-minded goob without any federal governmental experience, the one whose testicles are kept in a safe owned by Shell Oil, the one whose father ran the CIA, and into whose anus the hand of Dick Cheney will fit most comfortably.

Floridians: Bush? Really? You sure you don't wanna give those goat guts another look?

SCOTUS: Did we mention that his wife once killed a guy? It was pret-ty cooooooool.

Floridians: All right, fine. I mean, how bad can it be?

SCOTUS: Oh, gee, would you look at the time. If you ever get to DC be sure and look us up. Don't take any wooden opioids. Ciao!

Floridians: So long.

SCOTUS: Oh, one more thing.

Floridians: Yes?


<horse whinnies in terror>


end rant

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Trump corruption flowing into river.
Lefty: What does the GOP intend to do about this?
GOP: Bribe the authorities. Quash whistleblowers. Run out the statute of limitations. You know, the usual.

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