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Progressive comic about Trump as Putin's doormat.

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Doormat Diplomacy

Bill Clinton: "What? Trump totally subverted U.S. democracy, destroyed its economy, and delivered the country into the hands of its enemies?

Dang! All I got was a blow-job."


The following is lifted almost entirely from Monty Pythons "Life of Brian":

A group of pudgy, white, conservative men, all of them way past their prime, sitting around a smoldering grill in a suburban backyard getting slowly drunk. It is exactly 10:37 PM.

RedHat: What did the Democrats ever do for us?

Evangelical: They saved the auto industry.

RedHat: What?

Evangelical: The auto bail-out.

RedHat: Oh. Yeah, yeah. They did. Uh, that's true.

WhiteHood: And they got rid of preexisting conditions.

Loretta: Oh, yeah, the ACA. Remember what health care used to be like?

RedHat: Yeah. All right. I'll grant you saving the auto industry and the ACA are two things that the Democrats have done.

JimBob: And marriage equality.

RedHat: Well, yeah. Obviously marriage equality. I mean, marrying who you love goes without saying, don't it? But apart from the auto industry, the ACA, and marriage equality--

TikiBoy: Killed bin Laden.

Evangelical: Lilly Ledbetter Act.

WhiteHood: Judge Sotomayor.

RedHat: Yeah, yeah. All right. Fair enough.

Vet: Nuclear agreement with Iran.

JimBob: Yeah. Yeah, that's something we'd really miss, RedHat, if it wasn't for the Democrats.

WhiteHood: The longest economic boom in American history!

RedHat: All right, but apart from the longest economic boom in American history, saving the auto industry, improved health care, marriage equality, killin bin Laden, fair pay for women, Iranian nuclear agreement, and the first Hispanic ever on the Supreme Court, what have the Democrats ever done for us?

Evangelical: Brought peace?

RedHat: Oh. Peace? Shut up!


end rant

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Trump is Vladimir Putin's doormat.

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