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Progressive comic about what it will take for the GOP to impeach Trump.

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How Low Will They go?

t-Rump said today that Joe Biden ought to get the electric chair.

You know what that means, right?

It means that Witless Hitler's advisors are telling him that if he doesn't steal the 2020 election he's headed for the electric chair for actual treason.

It's reassuring to know that he's laying in his little White House crib, sweating bullets, waiting desperately for the dawn and his Fox & Friends to reassure him that it's allllllll gonna be okay.


I used to wonder about Thunberg but after seeing her being all like "Fuck you white, withered assholes! I just wanted to be a high school student!" I no longer wonder.

Honestly, Thunberg is the one who acts like a president and the Mango Messiah is the one acting like a junior high school girl.


Speaking of the wanton destruction of our environment...

W hen I was a kid, decades ago, we had cars and we also had hot Summer days but I somehow don't recall endless stories of children dying in overheated cars.

Maybe more kids are dying in cars now because climate change is making them TOO DAMN HOT!


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Takes a bone saw to Melania.
GOP: nope
Barbecues migrant children on the front lawn.
GOP: Nope.
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GOP: Nope.
Puts restrictions on assault weapons.
GOP: Impeach that orange mutha!

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