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Progressive comic about Trump's shitty presidency.

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Eat, Shit & Die: The Trump Diet

Nancy Pelosi: "We can't proceed with an impeachment inquiry until we have the facts......

< cracks knuckles>

We now have the facts. We're ready."



Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution:
" The President shall have the power to grant reprieves and pardons, except in Cases of Impeachment."

Kinda gets ya right here, doesn't it?


There are 28 laws being waived to build Fat Hitler's border walls:

1. The Clean Water Act
2. The Clean Air Act
3.The Safe Drinking Water Act
4. The Farmland Protection Policy Act.
5. The National Fish and Wildlife Act
6. The Eagle Protection Act.
7. The Native American Graves Act
8. The American Indian Religious Freedom Act
9. The National Environmental Policy Act
10. The Endangered Species Act
11. The National Historic Preservation Act
12. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act
13. The Migratory bird Conservation Act
14. The Archeological Resources Protection Act
15. The Paleontological Resources Preservation Act
16. The Federal Cave Resources Protection Act.
17. The Noise Control Act
18. The Solid Waste Disposal Act
19. The Comprehensive Environmental Response Act
20. The Archeological and Historic Preservation Act
21. The Antiquities Act
22. The Historic Site, Buildings, and Antiquities Act
23. The Coastal Zone Management Act
24. The Federal Land Policy and Management Act
25. The National Wildlife Refuge System Act
26. The Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act
27. The Administrative Procedure Act
28. The River and Harbors Act


end rant

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