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Mueller Reprt pages 8-11
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Progressive comic about the Mueller Report summarized by puppies and kittens.

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The Mueller Report Part Two: The Puppies & Kittens Edition

You thought I was kidding, didn't you?

If you're new here I've decided to summarize the first 24 pages of the Mueller Report, though not like William Barr's summary. You see, mine actually offers all the salient points AND has cute cartoon animals to boot.

Tomorrow: Pages 7-8 summarized by kids in cages.

On Saturday, June 1, t-Rump Tweeted that all churches should pray for him on Sunday, June 2, because his fee-fees are hurt by all this i-word stuff.

The next morning t-Rump went to play golf. He forgot about the tweet.

After playing for three hours he probably stopped for a quick adderal snort and suddenly remembered his tweeted command. He was rushed to a nearby church and, at 2:30 in the afternoon, stood on stage in his golf clothes, cleated shoes and all, while a very surprised pastor gave his standard sermon. This took 15 minutes and, after it was over, t-Rump left saying only "Thanks".
Later the White House says he was praying for the Virginia shooting victims. Nothing was said about the victims in that church.

This charade, this farce was nothing but a photo op to further convince evangelicals, who are without doubt the stupidest people on this planet, that our Oaf of Office is a pious, god-fearing man.

At times I swear it's like I'm in a big experiment, like I'm the control group watching researchers explore just how ignorant and entitled the test subjects in the next cage can become if one continues to encourage their belief in imaginary friends floating in the clouds in the sky.

It's way past time to try human existence minus religion. 2000 years of "Be fruitful and multiply... until I burn your cities and drown your planet" isn't working out too well.


Here's a Fun Fact: Prior to t-rump's mishandling of the border "crisis" no child has died in U.S. custody over the past ten years.

In the past year, though, six have.

t-Rump is killing children.


end rant

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the Mueller Report as summarized by Baby Animals
Page Six B: Papapdopoulas meets with Russian. In June of 2016 a Russian lawyer met with campaign officials Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort. who expected materials that would "incriminate Hillary". No documents were exchanged.
Page 6 C: Five days later DNC servers were breached and hackers gained opposition research on Trump. In July 2016 Trump's foreign campaign advisor Carter Page goes to Moscow to meet with Russian intelligence officers.
Page 6D: July 22, 2016 Wikileaks releases DNC's documents provided by GRU. Later a foreign official tells the FBI that Papadopoulas had bragged to him about the Clinton "dirt" and that the Russians would be helping Trump.
Page 6E: July 31, the FBI opens an investigation into coordination between Russian officials with the Trump campaign.
Page 6F: August 2, Manafort meets with GRU-connected Konstantin Kilimnik to discuss secret plan to control Ukraine and to win Democratic votes in Midwestern states. Manafort provides Kalimnik with U.S. voter polling data.
Page 7: On October 7, 2016 Wikileaks responds to "pussy tape" by immediately releasing thousands of stolen emails from John Podesta. DHS releases public statement that the Russians are interfering in the US election process.

mueller report pages 8-11 mueller report pages 5-7