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the mueller report part two
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Progressive comic about the Mueller Report summarized by tasty food.

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The Mueller Report a la Carte

I have heard on several occasions that if you can get someone to read just the first 24 pages of the Mueller Report they'll understand just how impeachable Tariffs McFuckup actually is. So for the next few days I'm committing myself to making those first 24 pages as palatable as possible. Which is danged hard because Bobby Three-Sticks sure knows how to strangle a narrative with unbridled legalese. But that's his job.

Tomorrow: Pages 6-8 summarized by adorable puppies and kittens.


Am I the only one who felt a sad little thrill seeing Mr. Obama receive a standing O at the Raptor/Warrior game?

I miss having a real president.


Rachel Maddow made a good point the other night.

Robert Mueller has said that he wasn't allowed, pursuant to DOJ rules, to indict the president with a crime. Yet William Barr has been flapping his gums for the benefit of anyone who'll listen that mean old Mr. Mueller took it upon himself to not indict the prez. "Why, what could he have been thinking?" said a fascists's best friend.

So with Barr going public with such a dramatic shift in policy what's to stop Mueller from saying "Whoa! Time out! Let's head this old cayuse back to the ranch and I'll fill out a few forms before I disappear into the sunset."


Dubya almost killed the American car industry, and now Major Mango is damaging the industry again with his steel and Mexican tariffs. Auto industries lost $25 billion in market share yesterday as a result of the Terrible Toddler's tirades.

What is it Republicans have against the auto industry? Aren't they the pro-business/pro-jobs guys?

In addition, in 2008 presidential candidate Mitt Romney wrote an article for the New York Times headlined "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt".

Again, WTF Republicans?


I thought I would point out that the first presidential candidate to call for t-Rump's impeachment was.....

Elizabeth Warren.

She immediately read the whole Mueller Report and then went before the Senate the next day and made her case for the removal of this idiot emperor.

Pete Buttigieg was next as are, as of yesterday, most of the other candidates, minus ONE very important name...

All he's saying is that t-Rump shouldn't be re-elected.
That's weak tea, Joe. Sorry. We need someone with more balls than that and that's probably a woman.


Finally, never forget the first real proof that the election was stolen. The Obama inauguration crowd is, of course, on the right.

trump vs. obama inaugutation crowds


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Page One: Russia helped Trump in the 2016 election via waging a social media campaign against Hillary Clinton while also hacking her personal and campaign files.
Page Two: Collusion is not a legal term. This report is about conspiracy and this describes actions and events supported by evidence. If some events are not supported by evidence we will say so.
Page Three: Volume One of the Report is about Russia's interference in the 2016 election. Volume Two addresses the President's actions towards both the FBI and Special Counsel's investigations.
Page 4: Russia's Internet Research Agency (IRA), which was connected to Putin, operated pro-Trump, anti-Clinton media campaigns and rallies in the U.S. Meanwhile, Russian intelligence (GRU) hacked Democratic files and released them to Wikileaks.
Page 5: One hour after the infamous "pussy tape" was published Wikileaks released John Podesta's emails. Though it's clear that the Trump campaign knew would it benefit electorally from Russian hacking the report did not establish that members of his campaign actively conspired with them.
Page Six: In 2015, candidate Trump quietly pursued a real-estate deal in Russia. In Spring of 2016 Trump's foreign policy advisor, George Papadopoulos, was told by Joseph Mifsud that Russia had "dirt" on Hilary Clinton.

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